Friday, October 08, 2010

Jaw Dropping Experience

We have a rain barrel to catch runoff water as it cascades from off the roof. There’s a piece of protective screen to keep leaves and Hobo Kitties from falling in, no different than the stuff used to keep mosquitoes from getting past an open window.

This afternoon we spotted Jaws comfortably resting on top of the screen. It would be wise to obtain something more substantial than screen fabric on top of the water barrel as it was obvious, even Jaws as small as she is was making the fabric sag dangerously.

As much fun as it might be to watch a Hobo Kitty dunking, kind of like a carnival where they toss a ball at the target; such a fall would be fatal as there would be no way for our furry friends to get out.

Here’s a Hobo Kitty update: Cat with No Name, Lighting and Thunder were captured this past week and made the trip to the veterinarian’s office to be “fixed”, shots and ear clipped. That leaves only Jaws (pictured here), Morris (her twin brother) and Puddin’ Head to take all the Hobo Kitties out of the feral cat gene pool. We’ll try again Monday; but it’s a lot harder to trap a specific Hobo Kitty than it is to trap just any ole’ Hobo Kitty. We captured Silver Bubba several times; maybe she likes the tuna bait and is no longer scared of the trap.


MK said...

Good thing you got her in time, you know how cats hate water and the poor thing would have drowned in there.

Peter said...
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Peter said...

So tell the truth, TF ... is this really an allegory about how difficult it's going to be getting BHO out of the White House? Will he go out scratching and biting and "making a stink?" I assume we'll need to be wearing our thickest leather gloves come January of 2013, eh?

T. F. Stern said...

Peter, I wish I were that clever to have come up with such an allegory; but this was really just about a silly kitten who found a comfortable platform to rest upon.

As for removing BHO from the White House come Jan 2013; we might have to get past his private army and the SEIU first, you know how these third world dictators are.