Thursday, February 17, 2011

We Can’t Afford Obama’s Budget

The budget submitted by Obama “will not be adding to the debt”, at least that’s the claim according to White House Budget Director Jack Lew in an article on Fox News website. Every thing is fine; nothing to worry about and you can have that pony on your birthday too.

“As it turns out, the administration is not counting interest payments. That means the budget team plans to have enough money to pay for ordinary spending programs by the middle of the decade. But it won’t have the money to pay off those pesky -- rather, gargantuan -- interest payments. So it will have to borrow some more, in turn increasing the debt and increasing the size of future interest payments year after year.”

When confronted by Sen. John Ensign (R) Nevada, Lew tried to explain it all as a misunderstanding; clearly a misunderstanding. What is it about liars? I almost forgot; they lie!

“To justify the administration claim, Lew said the administration was merely referring to “primary balance” -- or federal spending minus interest payments. Lew sought to forgive “the public for their confusion.”’

‘“The terminology that we use in Washington of primary balance is a little confusing,” Lew said.”

Lew could easily have said something like, “It’s not going to cost us any more because, as most of you know, folks in Washington don’t pay taxes, we collect them”. Wouldn’t that have been fun and closer to the truth?

Obama keeps diverting attention away from our nation going into bankruptcy, pushing for a warp speed rail system, one of those shovel ready magic bullet train things. Never mind that there is no money to pay for the train or those who would supply the labor. Maybe Obama plans to use slave labor like Germany did to build the Autobahn; only these slaves will be American taxpayers, some have yet to be born!

While you’re at it, Mr. President, my wife asked if we could upgrade her marginally proficient Toyota Solara to a Ferrari 458 Italia. Never mind that we have no roads around here to justify such an extravagance; it will make us feel more confident in our nation just having a car we can’t afford parked in the driveway. Our grandchildren will smile with envy knowing their college tuition money was used so meaningfully.

I listened to Mark Levin’s comments regarding Obama’s budget; thought it was as good a summary as could be made. The short video went under the title, Mark Levin Goes Nuclear Over Obama Destroying the Country . Why haven’t other folks gone “Nuclear”, like our Senate, our House of Representatives, or mass media outlets? I’ll tell you why; the majority of our leaders lack the courage to stand up at this time, don’t care or are entrenched so deeply in “Beltway mentality” they cannot be trusted.

Mark got it right; if this budget is passed our children, when they are in their 20’s, will be looking at paying somewhere between 60 to 80 percent of their earnings just on Federal Income Taxes. That doesn’t take into account State and local taxing authorities. We’ll be saddling future generations with a debt so large as to make it impossible for them to enjoy the American Dream…AND FOR WHAT? Our government will have become so oppressive it won’t be recognizable from Marxist Russia.

The sinking feeling in your gut, that America’s God given blessings are slipping away, wondering if life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness are being replaced with pure socialism; it’s no longer a “sneaking suspicion”. Obama’s promise of “Hope and Change” has been put in motion; how do you like the yoke of totalitarian servitude?

Add my name on the list of those who think shutting down the government is better than letting them continue to destroy our nation. We can’t afford Obama’s budget; but that doesn’t say enough, we can’t afford Obama!

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The probligo said...

TF, as you know I often have difficulty extracting fact from political rhetoric in your writing.

You want a new start with "no government". The intention is "no servitude" and I presume that to mean "no liability to pay taxes". Have I got that part right?

Would it be fair to suppose that the US public just do not have the intestinal fortitude to follow the example of Egypt?

T. F. Stern said...

Probligo, I looked at your comment earlier and had to wonder if it was some kind of joke; knowing you enjoy jumping to extreme conclusions without bothering to link them to what had been offered in the original article.

Try again when you wish to have a serious discussion.