Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Need a set of lungs, make that to go…

Life has a way of imitating fiction from time to time. There’s a story by Jessica Ryen Doyle on the Fox News website out of Belgium that should make your skin crawl, Doctors euthanizing patients to obtain transplant organs .

‘“Given that half of all euthanasia cases in Belgium are involuntary, it must be only a matter of time before the organs are taken from patients who are euthanized without their consent,” Saunders told The Telegraph. “The matter of fact way the retrieval process is described in the paper is particularly chilling and shows the degree of collaboration that is necessary between the euthanasia team and the transplant surgeons – prep them for theater next to the operating room, then kill them and wheel them in for organ retrieval. All in a day’s work in Brave New Belgium. Doctors there are now doing things that most doctors in other countries would find absolutely horrific.”’

Did you catch that, “half of all euthanasia cases in Belgium are involuntary”; guess that explains how socialized medicine has been able to keep up with demand. If you get sick while on vacation in Belgium wait until you get home or those pictures you took might be your last.

This might be a good time to plug a short story I wrote many years ago, The Organ Donor Program . The idea of paying retirees for non-productive time set the stage for a rather unpleasant solution, one which saved share holders a considerable sum while at the same time providing much needed organs to those on waiting lists.

Here in America we should reconsider whether or not socialized medicine and Obamacare might lead to similar compromised doctor - patient loyalty issues. You think HMO’s are cold and heartless now; just wait until single payer health care kicks into gear. I can hear them calling out from operating room four as the folks in room three stand by with their newly recruited volunteer, “I need a set of lungs; make that to go!”

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