Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Wisconsin Third World Mentality Recall

Wisconsin voters appear to be headed for yet another round of recall elections; Governor Walker being targeted by the United Wisconsin coalition according to an AP article.  The opportunity to alter Wisconsin’s balance of power is in play following last summer’s recall election losses of 2 Republican Senators, considering 4 more Republican Senators have been targeted for recall.

“The recall drive was motivated by anger over Walker’s proposal effectively ending collective bargaining rights for most public workers. The law passed in March despite massive protests and the fleeing of all 14 Democratic state senators to Illinois for three weeks.”

The laws governing Wisconsin recall elections are fairly simple; if you don’t like the way things are going, get a petition signed by enough angry voters, hold an election and see what happens.  The targeted official need not have committed any wrong doing or crime; but a recall petition drive can be instituted any time after the first year in office.

Getting away from the topic of recall elections for only a moment; there was a movie not too long ago, Jurassic Park, which came to mind.  The main characters were sitting around a conference table considering how much money could be made off a theme park modeled around dinosaurs. 

Dr. Ian Malcolm, mathematician and chaos theorist played by Jeff Goldblum, pointed out his concern regarding work which had enabled scientists to genetically recreate dinosaurs from DNA samples extracted from mosquitoes trapped in amber.

“Don’t you see the danger…inherent in what you’re doing here? Genetic power is the most awesome force the planets’ ever seen; but you wield it like a kid that’s found his dad’s gun. Your scientists were so preoccupied with whether of not they could; they didn’t stop to think if they should.”

Election cycles are set up to enable citizens to voice their opinions and desires in an orderly manner.  Occasionally a person of dubious character gets elected (had to stop typing for a moment to get something out of my throat), someone who performs so miserably or conducts business in such a way as to stand out from the ordinary criminal element who gets elected, enough to be an embarrassment to society.  Is this where we stand up and say, “Throw them all out”?  Never the less, election cycles are intended to be carried out in an orderly manner.

Targeting elected officials for recall based on partisan politics implies a lack of faith in the system of government we depend upon.  If you think about it, targeting individuals for recall isn’t much different than the way third world countries get rid of the opposition.  Okay, maybe they aren’t going to throw Governor Walker in a shallow pit, shoot him full of holes and cover the body with a new fruit orchard; but the result is the same, getting rid of the opposition any way you can. 

The right of the people to have a representative form of government is dear to the hearts of most Americans.  As election time rolls near many of us immerse ourselves in the issues, contestants and possible ramifications of our collective choices.  If it becomes necessary to plan for recall elections as a way of life; isn’t that injecting chaos into the election process; a means whereby malcontents can interrupt the natural process of government?

The folks in Wisconsin are so preoccupied with whether of not they could force a recall; they didn’t stop to think if they should, (altering the movie line to fit the script).  Wisconsin voters should be ashamed for having been duped; this sort of political power play reduces the election process to that of a third world country.

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