Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Pumpkin Likes the DVD Player

Pumpkin has become an “inside” kitty and learned to enjoy some of the modern conveniences.  Indoor hockey with walnuts or balled up pieces of scrap paper is high on her list as she scrambles to keep traction on the hard wood floors, sliding hard into furniture or walls is half the fun; but watching the DVD player seems to have captured her attention of late.  She can be on the other side of the room and hear the cassette door open, the mechanized sound as the motor pushes the tray outward draws her like a magnet.

She’ll sit patiently studying the lights on the control panel; but I don’t think she knows what it says on the display, only that when it’s glowing interesting things happen.  As soon as we hit the remote button the tray is pulled back into the body of the DVD player and Pumpkin, being a Southpaw, jabs ever so quickly slapping the tray once or twice as it retreats to safety.  Pumpkin will wait patiently for another chance; sometimes we offer it to her immediately while other times lulling her into thinking all is safe.  She’s taken up surveillance for as long as an hour, looking away now and then as if to fool the DVD player into believing it no longer matters.


MK said...

She's waiting for it to serve up a fresh mouse, it'll come... one day..

in car DVD said...
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