Saturday, June 02, 2012

Texas Mandate Tuition Set Asides

If you weren’t aware, students attending institutions of higher learning in the State of Texas have a portion of their tuition fees set aside in order to comply with federal student aid (FAFSA) requirements.  This is enumerated under the Texas Education Code, Section 56.011, 56.012, 56.095 and 56.465 and applies to all students.

My daughter received her notification explaining how her $ 351.65 “donation” is helping provide money to some poor student via mandated wealth redistribution.  I find that remarkable since my daughter had to take out a student loan in order to complete her senior year; the poorest among us are digging deeper into debt in order to finance an entitlement program; only America!

This serves as a wake up call, “Welcome to the system”, as she is now taxed simply because the government can get away with it; gouged like roughly 50% of America’s responsible tax payers while letting the other 50% skate. 

My daughter graduates this year, having completed the requirements of a “four year” Mechanical Engineering degree with its accompanied two and a half years of “co-ops” working at NASA and applying what she’d learned.  She’s well prepared to jump into the deep end of the pool and be a full fledged tax payer with a long list of responsibilities. Paying for her own tuition and this “included” mandated expense, she can lay claim to having lent a helping hand to an illegal alien who gets attend our universities at a greatly reduced price.  Don’t you know how proud and thrilled my daughter is to have helped a needy fellow student?

This reminds me of the fellow who lost a ten dollar bill and was physically sick about it.  One of his friends tried to console him, “Just think, some needy person probably found it”.  After hearing this, the fellow replied, “Yea, but I’m the needy person who needs to find ten dollars!”

Students are being asked, scratch that, students are forced to pay for their fellow student’s education while many of them are trying to keep their own heads above the water line; what does that say for the folks who wrote such a mandate?   I’m proud of my daughter’s accomplishments and determination to achieve her goals.  Let’s hope she makes enough as a mechanical engineer to support many more undeserving individuals, just like the rest of us.

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Perri Nelson said...

That's what is so great about being a liberal. You get to be philanthropic with other peoples money.

T. F. Stern said...

This one took me by surprise when my daughter printed it off. She'd stopped by the house on her way to have dinner with a friend and was checking her email when this notice showed up. I asked her to leave me a copy just so I could write about it.

Right Wing Theocrat said...

I hadn't heard of this one, really makes you wonder, those who are having to take out student loans now have to go into debt for others too!

In a way it's a good thing. I'm pretty sure that your daughter is a conservative, seeing as how she was raised by a Conservative, so she would be rightly annoyed at this impost on her.

However I think for a lot of the students out there running to the polls to vote for obama or any other democrat, let them pay, perhaps it'll serve as a first taste of what socialism gets you.

I remember watching some videos a while ago where young Conservatives went around college campuses to pose some awkward questions to young liberals. Long story short, the liberals were only too happy to spend other people's money, but when it came to giving out some of their own money, grades etc, they weren't so charitable.

I just hope the system isn't rigged to screw over only students like your daughter but more towards the idiots who love this sort of redistribution.