Friday, July 12, 2013

Skechers Customer Satisfaction Policy

I’ve been wearing a pair of Skechers Shape-Ups that were purchased at Academy Sports quite some time back.  These are very comfortable and came in 10 ½ wide, something that many sports type shoes don’t do. 

They had a blow out, for lack of a better term, when the stitching broke loose and part of the upper portion of the shoe split.  The folks at Academy no longer carried the same style of shoe I was enjoying; however, while driving down FM 1960 on the way to a job I found a Skecher’s Warehouse Store so after the job was completed that’s where I headed.

I showed the lady at the cash register my blown out, well used shoe and explained how this pair had been purchased at Academy and was no longer available.  She looked over the blow out as I explained that it would do no good to use Shoe Goo in an attempt to repair them because of the location of the split.  I also explained how much I enjoyed the way the shoes fit my feet and did they have a pair that would take the place of the blown out pair.

I was directed to the work shoe area where a comparable pair was found, slightly different and almost twice the price I’d paid for the pair I was wearing.  When I went to the register to pay I was given a credit of almost forty dollars under the heading “Customer Satisfaction” so I only ended up paying $20.00 plus tax for a replacement pair.

She said they’d send the defective shoes back as part of the refund policy so they’d be reimbursed and let the company know just exactly what the defect had been.  How about that; a company that really does take it to heart when they say they want you to be satisfied with their product. 

Skechers, you have a customer for life.


David said...

yeh, I love mh Skechers.

David said...

*sigh* Onscreen kybd on KFire 1st gen means LOTS of typos. *heh*