Saturday, August 31, 2013

Something to dream about

This past week we got what appears to be a serious contract on our rental house we’ve had up for sale since January.  With any luck we’ll close on that sometime in October or early November.  The money we clear after all closing costs and taxes will be used toward finishing the inside of our house up in Buffalo, Texas. 

Right now it’s only a shell with a lot of work yet to be done.  It has the electrical wiring all ready to hook up; but no plumbing or fixtures, no kitchen cabinets or bathrooms.  We had the electric company hook up to the service box so work can be moved forward and next week we’ll have the city water turned on as well. 

Lucy and I show a great deal of restraint while waiting for progress toward completion of this house in the country; but inside we are both ‘chompin’ at the bit’, just a couple of fairly old kids working at making our dreams come true.

Here’s a satellite view of the property showing the fence lines and the private road that gets us there.  The house sits far enough back from the road so dust won’t be drifting into the house anytime a vehicle passes, which won’t happen all that often anyway since there are only a couple of neighbors at the end of the road past us. 

The trailer is parked under a metal canopy pole barn so it keeps the sun and elements from directly impacting the inside of the trailer.  
It makes for an inexpensive motel room for when we go up there and work on the property.

It's so close we can almost taste it, something to work hard for; but more importantly, something to dream about.

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