Tuesday, September 03, 2013

Should America Attack Syria?

Should America Attack Syria?  No, not just no; but Hell No!   I’ll explain how I came to that strongly worded answer and it won’t take long.

I listened to a heated exchange between Rand Paul and John Kerry in which Paul stated in a matter of fact way that it was a foregone conclusion Congress would in all likelihood support an attack on the Assad regime based on his use of chemical weapons against his own people. 

Paul said he was concerned about Congress being ignored should they vote down the proposal since Obama has already stated he would side step Congress and attack any way; but that’s not why I’m writing this article, save the constitutionality of Obama installing himself as Emperor for another day.

Stop right there!  Who has shown proof that Assad gassed his own people?  Is this a certainty or are we simply to take the word of Obama on this?

From verifiable information supplied by a reliable source the chemical weapons that killed so many were improperly handled by the rebel forces; in essence they killed themselves and Assad got blamed for it.  If we are going to move forward wouldn’t it be wise to make sure of the facts first?

It wasn’t that long ago we were being told that George Zimmerman murdered Trayvon Martin which contradicted facts the police investigators attempted to bring out.  The President of the United States went on television and all but declared sainthood for poor defenseless Trayvon, a new icon for Blacks as they strive to obtain Social Justice.  

The facts didn’t support such a move; but that didn’t deter Obama from enlisting the aid of professional race baiters Al Sharpton and Jessie Jackson to further agitate the Black community.  The major news media outlets obliged by twisting the facts or by spreading outright lies; it really didn’t matter as long as the community melting pot was brought to a boil. 

Obama and his band of discontents wanted a race war…and it almost happened. 

There are many Blacks who still think justice wasn’t served, that Zimmerman got away with murder.  A few hot heads have crossed the line of non-violence by inflicting their own version of street violence to make sure the white community pays for hundreds of years of social injustice…or have I distorted this out of proportion?

Now, fast forward to the idea of America going to war in Syria based on Obama’s claim that Assad used chemical weapons to kill his own people.  We have already had viable reports that those persons killed by the chemical weapons didn’t know what they were doing and accidentally released the deadly poison that killed so many people.  In other words the President and Congress are willing to go to war over a mistake in facts, or worse, an intentional avoidance of the truth. 

Those in Washington pushing for our involvement in Syria, on either side of the isle are doing so in defiance of the facts and the will of the American people.  If you have to gain support of an idea through deception and falsehoods then the idea isn’t justifiable and certainly not grounds for going to war.

Assad may be one of the worst dictators on the planet; but it would be a mistake to involve America in another country’s civil war.  The claim has been made that America needs to stabilize the Middle East by assisting the rebels.  But aren’t the rebels the same folks who hate Americans and have vowed to eradicate us for being infidels?  Neither side is worth the life of even one US military service person.  Should America Attack Syria?  No, not just no; but Hell No! 

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cody said...

We definately should not attack.