Thursday, June 18, 2015

Politically Correctness Or Else

It seems I annoyed a couple of tender souls on Facebook by posting a joke that didn’t pass their Politically Correct test.  There isn’t much can be done for folks who have no tolerance for anything other than total compliance with Political Correctness and my trying to explain this to them is like…here we go again, another opportunity to annoy and alienate…trying to explain this to them is like trying to teach pigs how to sing.  

As the famous Sci-fi author Robert Heinlein pointed out,  “Never try to teach a pig to sing; it wastes your time and it annoys the pig.”

Over the years that line about teaching pigs to sing became quite popular as a means of explaining wasted efforts.  In more recent times the Politically Correct portion of our society has taken umbrage with the line, turning it into a direct insult on those who are unable to understand the principle involved in time management or humor. 

I recall inserting Heilein’s quote in a discussion with some leftists who started off a discussion with the intent of getting their feelings hurt.  I obliged them and they got their feelings hurt, imagine that…

This morning I watched a fascinating short video of a young boy playing with a large Manta Ray, an innocent moment where two of God’s creatures were able to enjoy each other’s presence.  The video’s audio led me to believe the conversations in the background were in Spanish; could be some other language that sounds like Spanish, not really an issue since the video itself would appeal to anyone speaking any languge.

My warped sense of humor often permits an odd thought to ramble and so I left the following comment; as a joke and not intending to provoke anything other than a mild groan from anyone stumbling upon it.

If you’re wondering…the stingray also speaks Spanish.  How do I know this?  Hadn’t you noticed….just another wetback.

You’d have thought I called Mohammed a pedophile and drawn a picture of him molesting young children prior to slitting their throats and leaving them to drown in their own blood simply because they’d been Christians.  

Instead of seeing a crude joke brought out by the fact that the Manta Ray did indeed have a wet back…Noooooo; this was a deeply insulting remark intended to anger illegal aliens, those poor wretches living south of our border.  

Here is the short story that accompanied the video:

This boy has developed such a trust and friendship with the most unusual creature.
He is able to pet the creature and feed it out of his hand, and even introduce it to his friends. The creature hangs out and waits for the boy when interruptions take time away from each other.  The creature is a stingray. The largest sting ray is a manta ray, which can exceed 20 feet wide and weigh up to 3,000 pounds. This ray is not a manta ray.  Some sting rays have a poisonous stinger that is used defensively when threatened. Humans are most often stung when the inadvertently step on a sting ray while walking in shallow water. Hint: while wading where sting rays are known to exist, shuffle your feet through the sand to avoid stepping on one and getting stung.

Here is a transcription of the comment section:

·                                                          T.F. Stern If you're wondering...the Stingray also speaks Spanish. How do I know this? Hadn't you noticed....just another wetback.
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Juan Ozuna Sr. Was you're stupid comment really necessary !?!? Idiot !!!
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T.F. Stern Juan, get a sense of humor before entering the Facebook community; you'll have a lot more fun.
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Thomas Kotkowski TF Stern, racist commentary is never funny no matter who makes it or the platform used to push the hate.

How is it that you find derogatory comments like that funny?

I have a good sense of humor sir and your comment was disgusting and demeaning to many people. Therefore not so not funny or intelligent.

Educate yourself to the word before you use it. That would make Facebook a lot less ignorant.

"Wetback is a derogatory term used in the United States for illegal foreigners, most commonly Mexican and Central American nationals, especially to those who have illegal immigration status in the U.S."
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T.F. Stern Thomas, I grew up in a different era, one where folks didn't have to be politically correct, shove it where the sun don't shine. If you don't like my sense of humor then move along.
Thomas Kotkowski Hey The Tea Party, I am a Tea Party supporter and solid capital "C" conservative.

This type of nonsense destroys the message and allows the false narrative of the Tea Party being racist to be advanced by Liberals.

I urge you to pay attention to some of the ignorant commentary on this page and correct and or refute it so it can do no damage to the Party.

We have enough issues without compounding them by allowing blatant racist comments to go unchecked.
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Thomas Kotkowski TF Stern I grew up in America where folks respect each other regardless of who they were.

You are a racist pig that does not represent me or the Tea Party that I support.

Racist comments are racist PC has nothing to do with it.

In fact I will also report your ignorant comment to Facebook.

You sir are pathetic.
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T.F. Stern Thomas, So what you're saying, as a staunch conservative who would never in any way suppress another individual's free speech or impose your own limited set of values on anyone, that kind of staunch conservative who could easily be mistaken for a leftist or statist who lacks tolerance for any opinion which doesn't fit perfectly with his'd like to silence anyone who doesn't agree with your politically correctness, your inability to overlook any unsavory sense of humor. I feel sorry for you; but worse, you fall into the category of modern censorship which is destroying freedom. Take a hike.
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Thomas Kotkowski So your racist comment is my fault?

Yup nice try but you made the racist statement not me.
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T.F. Stern Thomas, I take it you're not going to vote for me when I run for office...
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Thomas Kotkowski Unfortunately Juan Ozuna Sr. This guy has no respect for anything.

Another racist pretending to be a Conservative.
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T.F. Stern Thomas, What I did was make a joke. If you didn't like it then don't laugh. If you disagree with my sense of humor then ignore me. What you're attempting to do is become an internet censor, denying anyone a chance to express a thought because YOU find it offensive.
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Thomas Kotkowski TF Stern, what you did was make a racist comment, attempting to be funny, by using a racist term that is offensive to many folks in America.

You seem to be bright yet not bright enough to see how ignorant your comment was?

Racism and racist commentary is never funny. period.
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T.F. Stern Thomas, All your vitriol reminds me of Sam the Eagle from the old Muppet show. If there was a way to post that image here in this comment thread I would...
Thomas Kotkowski We wonder why the Tea Party is portrayed, in the Liberal media, as being racist?

Look at your attempt at "humor" and ask yourself how you could ever think that was funny.
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Juan Ozuna Sr. Its all good tough brotha Thomas Kotkowski, yes im of Mexican decent, but a PROUD U.S. ARMY VETERAN 100% AMERICAN FIRST, more american than this racist POS...

Now add to this wonderful exchange of thoughts a couple of entries that are on Facebook

Juan Ozuna Sr. doesn’t have any problem posting an image of the White woman, Rachel Dolezal, caught pretending to be Black, all the while holding down a position of leadership in the NAACP.  Isn’t that rich?  But I'm the racist...

And then there’s Thomas Kotkowski’s Facebook entry which slanders a goodly portion of the world’s population who happen to be Muslim; but then who cares, they’re Muslims…child raping, child murdering, child marrying Muslims so they’re okay to hold up to ridicule.  

So I now award Juan Ozuna Sr. and Thomas Kotkowski the Muppet Show’s ‘Sam the Eagle Award’ for making sure nothing is said that might offend anyone.

Good Day!


Thomas Kotkowski said...

You are once again wrong.

My comments from Facebook deal with the Mayor of Boston not allowing a business to open in Boston because the owners are Christian and do not support gay marriage. But the Mayor was making every concession for Muslims, that kill homosexuals for being gay, to open shop in Boston. All 100% factual.

The other clear point was about the Liberals embracing a religion that treats women like second class citizens. Again 100% FACTUAL.

You commentary is racist and juvenile at best. Exactly why you cannot see how wrong you are.

Thomas Kotkowski said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Thomas Kotkowski said...

Just curious what Jesus Christ would actually think of you racist "wetback" commentary?

Would He see how clever you humor is? Or maybe He would nudge you and tell you to cut it out?

I wonder what the message of love and tolerance there is in that humor?

Christians are being slaughtered all over the globe by Muslims currently. Homosexuals are killed by Islam currently. Women are treated as less than and abused by Islam currently. All of these things are actually happening and committed by one group of folks alone. None of these things are promoted or supported by me or Christianity.

Here at home we make racially stupid jokes at the expense of others then attempt to claim the moral high ground?

I am the hypocrite? Point to me, in the Word, where it states you should use racially ignorant words to attempt to be funny? While you are searching for that, explain again to me how any of the statements I posted are not factually correct?

Col. Hogan said...

Ike Eisenhower referred to illegal aliens as wetbacks routinely. I've never heard him called a racist.

Thomas Kotkowski said...

The "n" word was thrown around in Ike's time as well. You still use it in church on Sunday?

In fact during Ike's time civil rights didn't exist either. That came about in 64-65 after Ike left. Totally different time.

I find it amazing how Bitterly some folks cling to their racism and refuse to let it go. While pretending to be Christian and all.

Maybe you want to go back to the good old days of the south and segregation and racism? That way you could continue to idolize a President that used racist terms like the one you are defending right now?

T. F. Stern said...

Thomas, You're only guilty of being an angry fool for going ballistic over a flippant joke that struck you as off color. Just think what you'd do if I wanted to piss you off. A word of advice, don't let the door hit you on your way out.

Thomas Kotkowski said...

I won't be going anywhere. I rather enjoy seeing how those folks that claim to be Christian can find humor in racism. Not a lesson I picked up in my study of Christ and the Word. You posted all this nonsense here not I and it is the fact that you think yourself so highly intelligent that I find the most amusing.

You keep suggesting I go away yet you, by posting my name and comments here, invited me. There are always two sides to a story and I will not allow you to distort the fact that you make racist comments then attempt to blame me for your words. You attempt to belittle me because of your words? How Christ- like if you.

I bet you, as well, still drop the "n" word at church on Sunday too because it's so wicked funny to be an ignorant racist individual.

Thomas Kotkowski said...

I haven't gone "ballistic" at all. I haven't even gotten mildly angry. Threaten away. Wanting to "piss me off" is that in the book of John? Did I miss that somewhere? Your words do nothing but announce to all, that may read them, the true blackness in your heart of hate.

So I will continue to sit back and allow you to announce to all, that will see, who you truly are. Fire away.

T. F. Stern said...

Thomas, How did you like the movie, Dirty Harry? Can't fault you for wanting to hold on to your dignity. I'm into watching movies, what about Treasure of the Sierra Madre with Humphrey Bogart; any good lines in that old flick that annoy you? I had a fellow at church tell me one time that if you got offended by someone who'd done it accidentally then it was your fault for being offended; but his wife added something that added to the equation... If you get offended, even when someone intentionally goes about trying to offend you; it's still your fault. Just walk away; you weary me and there's so much out there to enjoy.

Thomas Kotkowski said...

Never seen either. I have plenty of dignity. Your referencing movies is a bit bizarre. How did you like Roots? Because slaves were legal in that time and a movie was made about slavery so we should all just accept it and continue to use the language of that time and justify slavery today? Because you heard it in a movie or Ike, that left office in 1961, used the term doesn't make it acceptable today. The "n" word was acceptable back then as well. Do you still use that word today? I bet you don't. And even if you did you wouldn't admit it here. Because you know it's not appropriate. It is every bit as inappropriate as the term you used earlier. It's not a PC thing. It's a respect for others thing. It's about not being a racist jerk that makes racist comments attempting to be funny.

Juan happens to be Mexican. Juan also happens to be a converted Democrat that grew up in LA believing Republicans are racist. You did a wonderful job, with your ignorant comment, of proving how racist folks still are. On a Tea Party page to boot? How do we expect folks to question the nonsense they are raised with about Republicans being racist when we have folks like you claiming to be Republican making racist jokes? That is the bone of contention I have with your comment. You have every right to say anything you want. Others like me have every right to try to get you to see the damage you did by posting racist comments to a page run by the Tea Party that is LAMBASTED as racist by Liberal Democrats and the Liberal media.

Then insinuating I am a Liberal PC clown trying to silence your free speech? No I'm not. I am a fellow Christian, American, and Conservative Marine calling you out to see the damage stupid comments can do.

I hope you can step of your high horse for two seconds and see the reality of how it is racist comments that alienate and keep folks away therefore guaranteeing Democrat victory after victory. Why, in the Name of God, would someone of apparent intelligence continue to make comments that hurt the Party? I really don't get it.

I have a tendency to think before I post. The bigger picture of the country is more important to me than tasteless humor based on race. The current year is 2015 not 1961. Things change and they change for a reason. I can't paint any more of an honest picture than that.

T. F. Stern said...

Thomas, I hope you survive your perfect dream world where everyone is perfect all the time and never makes fun of anyone, never laughs at an inappropriate story, never smiles when someone slips on a banana peel, or accidentally points out that the king has no clothes. My awarding you with Sam the Eagle Award was spot on; your expectations of those around you doesn't permit any of those. I feel sorry for you; that said, you're 15 minutes is up, please just walk away.

Thomas Kotkowski said...

So we will continue deep into this because you refuse to see how you are stuck in the racist Jim Crow era of yesterday? I understand you wanting to bitterly cling to your dignity, falsely claiming some moral high ground in the process. I do understand. The fact remains you made the racist comment. You want racial commentary to be allowed because you are racist and you use movies, that portray times in history when racism was a common practice, to prove your racism is not a problem? Okay I'm good with that I got the time.

I don't live in a perfect world. I live in the real world in the current century. I live in a world that has many folks of many different backgrounds. Unfortunately some of them folks are racist just like you. Unfortunately there are those that claim Christ while using racist language to try to be funny. Matthew 7:16 "By their fruit you will recognize them. Do people pick grapes from thornbushes, or figs from thistles?" Racist commentary and your continued attempts to make this issue all about me are not Christ-like or works of God. I wonder what your fruit tells folks about you?

You can feel sorry for me all you want as you continue to attack others with your prejudice and racist language. I will not be answering for your racist commentary. You will. Matthew 15:11 "It's not what goes into the mouth that contaminates a person in God's sight. It's what comes out of the mouth that contaminates the person."

Unfortunately racism is so deeply rooted in folks like you that it might be impossible to root it out. So in the mean time, I will continue to show others the root of your heart and soul. Heck even "As of Friday, Dec. 6, 2013, the Mormon Church has officially renounced the doctrine that brown skin is a punishment from God." Maybe you should evolve with the current era and stop using racist commentary against anybody?

T. F. Stern said...

The world owes me big time on this...All the other less than perfect individuals out there who tell jokes and make fun of idiots are catching a break while you take your frustration out here on my blog. I'll check back later to see if you have entered anything worth looking at; but for now all you've done is raise your own blood pressure a notch. You might want someone who really cares about you to check that blood pressure; it may be doing you some harm as you peck away on your keyboard. Please tell me the day and time you plan to start going after someone else; I'll schedule it on my calendar.

Thomas Kotkowski said...

Just curious where this is confusing.

Ephesians 2:14 "For he himself is our peace, who has made us both one and has broken down in his flesh the dividing wall of hostility."

"All forms of racism, prejudice, and discrimination are affronts to the work of Christ on the cross." That clearly includes racial jokes as well.

Matthew 25:40 "The King will reply, 'Truly I tell you, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers and sisters of mine, you did for me."

"Jesus commands us to love one another as He loves us (John 13:34). If God is impartial and loves us with impartiality, then we need to love others with that same high standard. Jesus teaches in Matthew 25that whatever we do to the least of His brothers, we do to Him. If we treat a person with contempt, we are mistreating a person created in God’s image; we are hurting somebody whom God loves and for whom Jesus died."

Care to explain how your commentary contradicts the Word of God and the example set by Christ?

Care to point out to me in the Word where it says racial jokes are ok because they were common practice over 50 years ago?

Care to explain to me how Christ Himself said "love your neighbor like you love yourself" (except if he isn't white)?

Thomas Kotkowski said...

You keep insisting I am angry. Why is that? So that maybe you can discredit all the facts I have brought to the table as coming from an angry, misguided, irrational individual? I assure you that Liberal tactic of "accuse the accuser" is not going to work here with me. Stop attempting to pass your anger, bigotry,and hatred onto me my friend. Be an adult and admit that you were wrong in posting racial comments that were not funny or acceptable, remove your not so clever commentary from this blog and stop attempting to paint Juan and I as the problem here. The problem is your racist commentary. That is the real problem and you attempts at trying to be clever and spinning this to be about me rather than what you said.

I am retired. I have all the time in the world to expose the folks out there that claim to be something that their words and actions dictate they clearly are not.

Thomas Kotkowski said...

Why are you suggesting I am going after you? I am defending myself from your ignorant attack on Juan and I. I didn't start this thread thinking I was somehow morally or intellectually superior to others. You did. You brought this stupidity here not me. How about accepting some responsibility for what you have done rather than blaming everybody else for what you yourself are doing?

You sure you are Conservative? I don't believe that at all. Democrats blame everybody else for what they do. Republicans take responsibility for their words and actions. That's a major glaring difference between the two parties.

For the record my blood pressure is just fine. I have survived combat my friend and came home unscathed. You could never raise my blood pressure or provoke anger in me. It's very simple, Psalm 23:4 "Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil: for thou art with me; thy rod and thy staff they comfort me." Racism and racist folks are pretty evil.

Romans 8:31 "What, then, shall we say in response to these things? If God is for us, who can be against us?"

T. F. Stern said...

Thank heavens you're retired; wouldn't want you to miss out on doing something productive. What did you do for a living before you became self appointed censor of the universe and preacher?

Thomas Kotkowski said...

Wow more hate and nonsense I'm shocked. Your talents are limitless. Now you claim to know all sorts of stuff that you have no idea about?

Miss out on something productive? What exactly am I missing out on? As I recall you are a retired cop as well. Because you now do locksmithing jobs that somehow elevates you over me? Superiority complex much?

You have no clue what I do, who I am, or what my history is. Yet you think you do so you convince yourself you are superior?

Do you have nail holes in your wrists and feet?

Thomas Kotkowski said...

Actually reading the Bible and understanding it does not make one a preacher. Pretending to be a Christin because you belong to a church while being racist and living with a complex where you consider yourself superior dictates content of character.

You sir, are severely lacking in the character department. That assessment is based on your racist comment and this whole dialog of continuing to attempt to insult me in defense of your ignorance.

But feel free to let anybody that comes here to see the real you in all you superior, perfect glory.

T. F. Stern said...


I don't know about you, that's why I asked what you did prior to becoming a self appointed censor and preacher. By the way, how does it feel sitting in the chair at the right hand of God, all the while taking pot shots at someone you didn't know of until yesterday? Normally I'd have cut you off by now; but I find your remarks amusing. Please continue until the cows come home.

Thomas Kotkowski said...

Maybe you should consider your words before you use them? You still throw the "n" word around in public?

Thomas Kotkowski said...

Would you go into a movie theater and yell fire?

Would you go into an airport and yell that you have explosives on you?

Would you go to church on Sunday and drop the "n" word and "f" bomb in front of the rest of the church goers?

If not, is it because I am the self appointed censor of the Internet, movie theaters, and your church?

Or could it possibly be that there are some things that you just do not say because they are not appropriate?

T. F. Stern said...

Thomas; Have you considered seeking professional help? Some might call your fixation being directed toward a total stranger cause for concern since all of your resentment is being channeled toward someone you didn't know until yesterday. Get help.

Thomas Kotkowski said...

Oh I see, you make the racist comment yet I'm the one that needs help?

Do you or do you not currently use the "n" word?

Is that such a difficult question to answer?

Here I will help you. I do not currently use the "n" word because it is racist.

How about you?

Thomas Kotkowski said...

For the record, you not I posted my name and comments to this here blog yesterday. Explain to me how your attempt to discredit, demean, and insult me here indicates that I need professional help?

Thomas Kotkowski said...

Notice how every attempt you have made to suck me into an ugly exchange has failed? For a guy that thinks himself superior in intellect, you can't quite grasp the fact that that ploy isn't going to work with me. I wonder why that is?

I wonder why basic yes or no is such a difficult task for such a highly intelligent being such as yourself?

It's been my experience that the more one proclaims knowledge, or superior intellect, like you do, the farther from reality the truth really is.

Thomas Kotkowski said...

Also for the record, some might consider the FACT that you screen captured a Facebook conversation, with a total stranger, someone you did not know until you made a racist comment yesterday, and posted it here to a totally different media platform in an attempt to fluff you feathers, a tad fixated no?

I'm glad you can see how badly I need help my friend.

By the way, the question remains, you still throw the "n" word around?

T. F. Stern said...


Now I get it, this is a test to see if I can put up with you prior to your requesting Friend Status on Facebook. Sorry, I didn't recognize the style at first; just submit your request and wait for an answer.

Thomas Kotkowski said...

I have no desire to friend the likes of someone that can't answer a similple yes or no question.

You still throw around the "n" word?

Thomas Kotkowski said...

How many times must the same question be asked before the wicked smart guy answers it?

You still use the "n" word in conversation?

Thomas Kotkowski said...

How hard is it to answer that question?

I already did. I'll do it again just for you. I do not use the "n" word because it's racist.

Do you still use the "n" word?

Rocket science and NASA aside this one ain't that hard. It's either yes or no. What you got for me?

Thomas Kotkowski said...

Come on now surely a man of your wicked high intelligence can answer a simple yes or no question?


Yes or no?

Thomas Kotkowski said...

Let me help you out here.

If you still use the "n" word, that was acceptable in the 60's you are wrong for being racist.
However, if you do not use the "n" word today, that means you realize how racist and offensive it is.
Every bit as racist and offensive as your comment that started this whole conversation.

How's that for needing professional help?

Seems the only person needing help is you here. I provided that help for you. Where you go now dictates where I go.

Thomas Kotkowski said...

I'm not a mind reader or fortune teller but I will venture to guess, you still will not answer the question I have asked several times now.

Why is that?

Thomas Kotkowski said...

Do you use the "n" word in conversation today?

Thomas Kotkowski said...

Another "lifeline" offered.

You would NOT go into a theater and yell fire. Being a cop you understand the implications of that stupidity.
You would NOT go into an airport and scream bomb. Being a cop you understand the implications of that stupidity.
You would NOT use the "n" word or "f" bomb in church either. Because being human you know it's wrong.

Why would you ever use any other racial slur and claim it was funny therefore not offensive and wrong?

Me or my censorship are not a factor here. Your blatant racism is. We established you do not use the "n" word. At least I would hope you don't. You refuse to answer the question as I have asked it several times now. Why would you ever use an equally offensive term then claim the first amendment as your excuse for making racist, offensive comments? Especially when you KNOW better based on "fire", "bomb", and the "n" word?

T. F. Stern said...

Thomas, You're still coming around; I'd almost forgotten about you. You do seem to be hung up on the N word; are you trying to break a bad habit of using that awful term in your everyday conversation or only when it suits your circumstances? I remember, now this was back in the 70s when I was a cop working day shift downtown, I remember a Black fellow coming to the office to lodge a complaint against me for supposedly calling him the N word. I recall the incident quite clearly, having stopped him for a traffic violation where he was argumentative and wanting to claim the only reason he'd been stopped was because he was a member of the Black race; but he was the only one calling himself by the N word as he continued his tirade on the street. I specifically told him that he needed to simmer down, my exact words, "Unless you plan on going to jail you need to stop acting like an asshole". So I told my immediate supervisor about the conversation and that at no time had I called the fellow any variation of the N word; but had called him an asshole. The supervisor had listened to the fellow enough to agree with me that the fellow was indeed an asshole. The only reason I bring this up; and correct me if I'm too far out of line...was that you? I mean...I don't use the term lightly and only when it fits the character of folks who truly deserve the moniker.

Thomas Kotkowski said...

I do not use racial slurs in my every day conversation. You do.

Projecting again?

The "n" word and asshole are two extremely different things. I am quite sure you can figure that out as bright as you think you are and all.

Why, I wonder, do you not use the "n" word?

Because it's offensive or because I have suggested you censor your free speech?

Which is it?

Is it offensive, therefore you do not use it, freedom of speech and all?

Or is it because my internet censorship has shamed you into not using it?

Wait, you claim you were accused of using it in the 70's, and that surprises me NOT ONE BIT, in fact it is exactly what I thought. But unlike you, I didn't want to jump to conclusions and accuse you of things I did not know, until now.

So it couldn't be my censorship of your free speech that prevents you from using the word now can it? So you must absolutely KNOW it is offensive and wrong to use racial slurs. Therefore making racial slurs, makes you a bigot, just like the racial slur you used to start this whole conversation, makes you a bigot.

I suspect two things here. 1. You absolutely used that word back in the day, and you just confirmed it with you wicked clever story, to refer to black folks and 2. that you know it's wrong. Therefore you only use it now among like minded racists that find you clever for your ignorance.

But please do tell more about how my censorship caused you to be accused of being racist while you were a cop as well? A black guy, you referred to as an "asshole" accused you of racism, and I am certain he wasn't the only one, an American Army Soldier of Mexican decent has accused you of racism, and now me. The white American in the mix calling you a racist as well. How is it we are all wrong and you are not? The odds of three separate folks calling you racist, and you actually not being racist, are staggeringly not in your favor.

While you are at it, Explain to me how the "n" word, you claim to not use, free speech and all, is offensive. So offensive you censor YOURSELF, supposedly from using it, but any other derogatory and offensive term, that you clearly DO use is protected by your free speech?

Racist hypocrite.

Thomas Kotkowski said...

Serious question here. If you knew in the 70's that the "n" word was inappropriate, what makes you think, some 40+ years later, the word Ike used in the 60's was appropriate today?

That is some crazy logic there.

Did you censor yourself, or was it my internet censorship, back in the 70's that convinced you the "n" word was racist, offensive, and absolutely wrong to use. You know without the white sheets and burning crosses and all?

T. F. Stern said...

Thomas; You are an amazing individual; would you share your God given talents with someone else, give them the benefit of your unending pursuit of happiness. Really, I feel blessed that you have taken so much time to badger and ridicule a total stranger; to the point of feeling overwhelmed. I can't recall having so much attention paid to me over one of my jokes, which I feel no remorse over having shared in the public square, it having served to lighten up the day for so many others who didn't get offended by it as there was never an intent to offend. You have a nice weekend, attend the church of your choice and while you're boning up on the scriptures you might try leaning the meaning of Luke 6:42

Either how canst thou say to thy brother, Brother, let me pull out the mote that is in thine eye, when thou thyself beholdest not the beam that is in thine own eye? Thou hypocrite, cast out first the beam out of thine own eye, and then shalt thou see clearly to pull out the mote that is in thy brother’s eye.

Thomas Kotkowski said...

Again, you are the one that brought me and my name to your blog. Your choice to attempt to make yourself look far superior to Juan or I is the exact reason why I am here. I notice you also have no desire to do what I asked you to do to make this go away. It really is as easy as you removing this entire thread from your blog. Refrain from ever using Juan's or my name again. I will leave you to your business and wish you well. I suggested you do that before. You still haven't. I wonder why that is? Respectfully agree to disagree, remove the post, and stop using Juan's or my name and all will be well. Or would that be some form of internet censorship? Therefore way out of the question?

What I am doing, which is my God given right, is presenting the other side of the story. If you will, defending myself from your nonsense. Again, you brought this whole thing here and invited me by using my name. I didn't ask you to. You also have the power to make it go away. That choice, though it may be difficult for you, free speech and all, might be your best bet.

I know all too well your lack of remorse over your racist comments. It is, and clearly has been throughout this entire conversation, blatantly obvious you have no moral compass or common sense. You clearly lack the basic principals of decency.

I am surprised that you feel so overwhelmed at the discussion though. You seem to be keeping up and keeping it going every bit as much as I am. So why would you continue to spout off with the brilliant, acrobatic feats of amazement, if you are so overwhelmed? Something tells me the cop in you has an ego that needs to always be right, at ALL costs, even when you are so clearly wrong. That is not good for the health.

As far as the badgering and ridicule of a total stranger goes, is that not the exact intent of your screen capture from Facebook that you posted here, and your smug arrogance in attempting to badger and ridicule Juan and I? Again with the projecting of your behavior and intent onto me. You really do try to pull that quite a bit.

Interesting that you would decide to quote scripture after attempting to somehow put me down with your "preacher" commentary. You do realize how you constantly contradict yourself, while running in circles trying to outsmart yourself with your next brilliant statement, right? Equally interesting is your choice of scripture. Let me take a moment to explain why.

Luke 6:42 "How can you say to your brother, 'Brother, let me take the speck out of your eye,' when you yourself fail to see the plank in your own eye? You hypocrite, first take the plank out of your eye, and then you will see clearly to remove the speck from your brother's eye."

The problem with the use of this passage is that I don't use racial slurs like you do. I certainly do not use racial slurs as jokes either. That being said, I am not a hypocrite for calling you out for your use of racial slurs. The fact that you find the use of racial slurs funny and I do not dictates that this passage, though extremely powerful under the correct context, does not apply here. But it would absolutely be relevant if I were throwing around racial hatred, just like you do. I hope that helps you to understand that passage a bit better.

We will wait to see what you decide to do next.

T. F. Stern said...

Thomas, The moment you entered the Facebook community, a public forum, your name was placed in that public forum. When you made a comment to The Tea Party thread which had the story about the Manta Ray and the little boy you placed your name on that comment. At that moment you voluntarily placed yourself up for scrutiny; your desire to place me up for ridicule for having mentioned a topic which you and Juan didn't like placed both of you in the public domain. Your complaint to Facebook about me having left a racist comment gave me reason to wonder; who are these two individuals who have spoken out against me? I went to each of your Facebook pages to find out what kind of individuals were behind the masks of purity, those who had cast stones of complaint at me for having said something they didn't like. What I found were two hypocrites.

Juan didn't like a joke that painted anyone Hispanic with a dark light. The term wetback made him instantly angry and so he issued his comment, "Was you're stupid comment really necessary !?!? Idiot !!!"

To which I responded, "Juan, get a sense of humor before entering the Facebook community; you'll have a lot more fun."

My response was not an attack on Hispanics, Mexicans, South Americans or even towards him; rather it was a reminder that Facebook is an OPEN FORUM where individuals of varied social abilities interact. It is a form of entertainment, news and often serves as a 'soap box' for individuals to espouse ideas. If you're not mature enough to meet folks who you might not like or agree with you have the choice to step up to the line and present your ideas; but be advised, everyone has that same opportunity. Instead of getting riled at a joke you don't find funny, one that you think is in poor taste...just leave it alone and find something else to enjoy on Facebook; there are thousands of folks out there making comments; you might find one you like. But Juan got his feelings hurt.

I found a racist entry that Juan had enjoyed; and while it had nothing to do with his particular DO NOT MAKE FUN OF HISPANICS area, he had no problem making a RACIST jab at both WHITES and BLACKS with a photoshopped image and reference to Aunt Jamimah, clearly an insulting term to Blacks or Whites. I thought it was funny too; but if you're going to point a finger accussing another of being a RACIST then you had better have curtains on your windows to keep others from seeing if you have anything you might not want seen. Facebook, being an open forum, opens up those curtains the moment an individual becomes a participant. Your personal page is open to anyone to stop by, read what you have to offer and even take a SCREEN SHOT of something which is of interest. I took a screen shot of a RACIST IMAGE and shared it HERE as a means of explaining that one Racist got angry with another person who didn't use the exact same form of Racism so it must be wrong. (comment continues in a moment)

T. F. Stern said...

(comment continued...Blogger limits the length of comments)

You have a Facebook page as well. I visited your page to find out more about you. Had you not been such an asshole; sorry but if the shoe fits... Had you not been so eager to nail me to a cross for violating your sense of decency, most of the entries on your Facebook page fall into areas which I agree with.

A line from a movie comes close; but you might not have seen this one. Die Hard Two, has detective John McClain looking for bad guys at an airport and a team of Special Ops troops is called in to help find these bad guys. (turns out the Special OPs team is part of the bad guys; but that comes out later). The commander of the Special Ops teams is angry that John McClain has involved himself in going after the bad guys so he says, "You'ra an asshole...; but you're my kind of asshole", which was supposed to send the message that under normal circumstances they might even be friends; but get out of the way, you need to be somewhere else today.

That may or may not make sense to you; but I found your Facebook page similar to many of my Friends' Facebook pages. That said your entry on Muslims with the funny picture of a Muslim might be regarded as RACIST to some folks. I didn't have any problem enjoying the entry; but then again...If you are going to be the calling others RACISTS then you had better have curtains on all your windows so nobody can see if you might also be one. I took a screen shot of your Racist entry and included that in my article to show that the two of you are Pots Calling the Kettle Black.

The fact that your Names are attached to your Facebook Pages makes them open for folks to use when referencing ideas or images shared on those pages. If you had made a statement that showed up in a local newspaper that information becomes a matter of public record and anyone is free to reprint and share it elsewhere.

You are angry that I shared your name here at my blog; get over it. My blog is an open forum, not much different than Facebook. Anyone can stop by and read what I have printed and leave a comment. If I have said anything that cannot be verified then at that time I am required to remove such statements; but, on the other hand, if what I have said can be verified then there is no reason to retract or remove anything.

I may start an entire series of articles relating to hypocrites who hide within the public square on the internet in places like Facebook. If I decide to do that, an unlikely probability, I will certainly link to this article so more folks will have the opportunity to read what has transpired; not only in my original article but in this comment section as well.

I have enjoyed reading your comments and 'rantings'. Each one supplies me with additional insight into your character or lack thereof.

Thomas Kotkowski said...

I am sorry if putting FACTUAL data about Muslims slaughtering Christians across the globe is wicked offensive to you. Problem is the statements I make are fact, not racist, and deal with reality. Watch the news my friend. I am telling the truth. I wonder how it is you can confuse my FACTUAL statements with your racist hate? Oh yeah, you have no integrity.

Better still, how can you defend those slaughtering Christians while simultaneously making racist statements against others? That right there alone dictates the true nature of you heart my friend and it ain't good. I hope you can see that.

Folks just like you and I are being slaughtered for being Christian. I expose that on my page and you attack me or attempt to claim I am offensive for telling the truth while you are posting racist insults? Here's a news flash for you. Muslims are actively slaughtering Christians because of their belief in Jesus Christ.

If Muslims are offended by my posts, I pray they are offended at the slaughtering of Christians in the name of Islam and start to take back their religion that has been hijacked by extremists.

Use your wicked smart brain to explain how that, in any way is racist or offensive.

Thomas Kotkowski said...

I had to deal with the slaughtering of Believers first and foremost. I find the slaughtering of Christians to be extremely offensive. I am sorry that you do not.

Thomas Kotkowski said...

I thought you were getting overwhelmed with all the commentary? I guess that was another lie to somehow make me the bad guy and you the victim here?Hint, folks that were legitimately overwhelmed would not continue the way you do. So you now can add lack of integrity to your dossier.

Another movie quote? No wonder you make absolutely no sense with you statements. You live in fantasy land. The majority of the adult population lives in the real world. I am sorry you need to use fictional characters as your mouthpiece. That must be tough to deal with in life.

Again with the claims of me being angry? Again I am clearly in control of my emotions and faculties. I'm not the one here crying about being overwhelmed. You are. Funny thing is I'm not the racist here either. You are. Your attempts to paint me as "angry" have, and will continue to, fail. I will not relinquish control of myself to you.

Notice you can still see my Facebook right? Yeah, if I had something to hide you wouldn't see it. I use my REAL FULL NAME on Facebook and here. Who's hiding? It certainly isn't me. There goes another one of your brilliant accusations. Proven to be another lie in an attempt to discredit my character. Did you have this lack of integrity on the job as well? That is an extremely disturbing thought. Cops all over the place are getting accused of racism. I think a clear picture is starting to emerge here.

I'm glad you take the opportunity to view my Facebook page for any little thing you can find in your quest to be right. Let us all know how that "fixation" is going for you. Wait, wasn't "fixated" something you attempted to accuse me of being? Again with the projecting? And by all means, come at me with some more wicked smart commentary about how is am responsible, rather than you, for all your problems.

Thomas Kotkowski said...

Here's another quick point for you to consider:

If you comment on Facebook was not racist, why did Facebook take it down?

Let's see the nifty and daring response to that. I have NEVER had a post of mine removed as being racist or offensive. The fact is I've never been call a racist before either. Well except by you. If ever there were a good example of Luke 6:42, it would absolutely be you calling me racist.

Thomas Kotkowski said...

Before you go off on a tangent here, clarification is needed.

My comment: "Did you have this lack of integrity on the job as well? That is an extremely disturbing thought. Cops all over the place are getting accused of racism. I think a clear picture is starting to emerge here."

I have, if you actually saw my page, family members that are cops in all levels of law enforcement. They have integrity. Not one of them throws around the "n" word or any other racist statement. Not one of them uses social media to spread racial haterd. You do.

In fact, as my Facebook page indicates, I support the police. I do not support racist cops that violate the civil rights of others.

The clear picture emerging is all about you and you alone. A cop with 20 years on the job would absolutely know the damage racist comments cause to all folks that wear that uniform. Then there's you.

Still find your racist commentary funny?

T. F. Stern said...

Thomas, You really are amazing. I'll start with fact number one. The Manta Ray was in the water and its back was wet. If you, or anyone else wants to make the connection with another term, as I did, that it was a wetback; a reference to Illegal Aliens who cross the southern border via the Rio Grande, hence the term Wetback; if you wish to get upset then that's your privilege. You can tell me you don't like what I said or even tell Facebook you don't like what I said. That's fine too.

But remember...I did not come after you personally; you and Juan were the ones who were unhappy and rather than leave it alone you both made statements declaring so, again that is your privilege.

I did my best to let it slide by recommending Juan get a sense of humor; something which really does make it easier in life.

The rest has been pretty much worked over so why bother regurgitating it?

I've noticed several Facebook accounts that were taken down by Facebook because someone got their panties in a bind. I find it interesting that an insignificant joke, or racist remark would be taken to such an extreme considering the content of so many articles on Facebook are intended to be inflammatory to a certain degree. The issue/problem has to do with censorship.

You don't like what I said so you got someone else to silence my remark; that's censorship. It doesn't matter if it's a government agency doing the censorship or a public forum such as Facebook; censorship is removing someone's freedom of speech. You, Sir, with your claims of being a conservative with a capital C, have attempted to silence my freedom of speech simply because you found it offensive to your limited mindset. Facebook went along with your Petty complaint which makes them hypocrites as well.

Addressing your complaint regarding Muslims/Islam in general. I have no love or liking for Muslims/Islam and consider them a cancer that is devouring humanity. I have no issue with folks who point out the barbarism employed by ISIS or any other off shoot branch of Islam as they attack innocent individuals, specifically targeting Jews, Christians and anyone else who does not bow down to Islam.

That said, Some folks who just happen to be Muslims/Islamic, Might find drawings, cartoons, jokes or anything negative about Muslims/Islam objectionable or even Racist. I shouldn't have to point this fact out; but apparently you don't read the news or keep up with current events which point out that several people who have drawn cartoons, made jokes of or written about Muslims/Islam have been murdered, beheaded, shot in the back of the head or in some other way removed from mortality by folks who were offended.

Why would you of all people post a picture on your Facebook page depicting such a racist image, one that Might make a Muslim/Islamic barbarian upset? Don't get me wrong; I agree with you post. It's just that NOT EVERYONE else does; but nobody had your Facebook article removed, they just ignored it and moved on.

You're hung up on this racist thing; but the term really has no meaning anymore. It's a diversion from being able to identify what you don't like that is based on a lifetime of not liking something. Some reasons may be solid while others are pure nonsense. But calling everyone a racist simply because you don't like what they have said sounds more like garbage.

Those who claim anyone who doesn't support Obama and his administration use the term racist, "You don't like Obama because he's Black"; when the facts remain, most folks don't like Obama and his administration because the policies being implemented will destroy our constitutional republic while transforming it into a Marxist totalitarian communist state. Never let facts interfere with a great lie.

You want to call me a racist; fine, call me a racist.

Thomas Kotkowski said...

You have the absolute right to be every bit as ignorant as you want to be. You also said the Ray spoke Spanish then used you racist terminology. You and you alone made the connection. Not me.

Apparently Juan and I were offended, as well as others including Facebook that removed the ignorance. So that makes at least three folks that didn't think you were at all funny. Think the word might be offensive or still want to accuse Juan and I of being Politically Correct "tender souls"? Your post here and smug arrogance are what I take issue with. The racist nonsense was removed from the Tea Party page. Thank God! Imagine the damage it would have done if it wasn't removed? Of all the places to post stupidity? So I figured that was that. Well, until I found it posted here again.

I am amazed at you positions on politics and how well they are articulated. That's why I can't, for the life of me, understand why you would post racist nonsense to a Tea a Party page. That is insanely stupid. Don't Republicans, and in particular the Tea a Party, have enough to contend with without you adding to the narrative that the Tea Party are all racist? In fact your comment could have been used to further drive folks away. Why can't you see that?

So you make a racist comment that an American of Mexican decent is offended by, and calls you out on, and you are somehow going to let something slide? That is bizarrely delusional. What in the world are you going to let slide? The fact that your comment was racist or the fact that you were told it was racist yet you could care less, free speech and all?

You are mistaken about the term not having meaning anymore. Would it have been removed if it had no meaning anymore? Would it have received the reaction it received if it had no meaning anymore? It means, today, exactly what it meant back then and is every bit as racist today. You absolutely know this.

How about you put that police uniform on again, be an official representative of Houston, and go into town throwing that term, you used, at folks. Let me know how it no longer has any meaning when you get back.

Better yet, don't do any more damage to those that wear the uniform with honor and don't use those terms. While you are at it please stop causing folks to think that ALL Conservatives share in your racist humor. My reaction, on Facebook, came from the FACT that Juan was offended, therefore the term still means exactly what it meant when Ike threw it around, and the FACT that you weren't to bright in posting racially stupid commentary to the Tea Party page. Really? How can that ever be funny?

If we are all getting accused of racism for disagreeing with Obama and his policy, why would you add fuel to that fire by actually making racist comments, on the Tea Party page, therefore proving to Liberals their narrative of ALL Conservatives being racist is true? Bizarre to say the least and not too bright either.

For the record, you have been attempting to discredit me based on the atrocities I post about Christians being slaughtered. You said my comments were offensive to Muslims.

Now you just did a complete 180 and agree with me? I wonder why that is? I bet it has more to do with my posting of actual facts and not racial slurs?

Please, Go into town and call as many folks as you can that exact word you used on Facebook. Let us all know how wicked clever, cute, funny, and insanely stupid it was of you to insult others because you find yourself funny.

TJ Avenger said...

TF Stern remember the adage “Never try to teach a pig to sing; it wastes your time and it annoys the pig.”

Thomas Kotkowski is a liberal troll paid by the word by George Soros, he is making a fortune tying you up in words.

Basically Thomas Kotkowski wants to push his political correct drivel.

I love your post about the Spanish boy and his manta ray both being wetbacks, I find great satire in it. Fact of the matter is only uptight liberal trolls who claim to be TEA Party members in there first "kiss up to the PC god's ass" rant on your blog would say that.

Thomas Kotkowski it is best that a mental midget like your not wrestle with a man of such fine satire. You should go hand out at Koss or HuffPo where your friends are.

Fact is wetbacks do not belong here, they are illegal. If you support wetbacks being here then maybe you are a lawless anti-American dope smoking OWS turd.

When I lived in Cook County I knew plenty of PC Polocks like you. Whine, whine, whine, well I find nothing racist about wetback, and my neighbors use the nigar all the time. I do find it in bad taste to call someone ignorant unless of course they are ignorant, like you Thomas Kotkowski.

Why don't you run along and go play besides a busy freeway, maybe a wetback will come and toss you you a bottle of water. In turn you could lend them a towel.

TJ Avenger said...

Introduction to Totalitarianism

Totalitarianism is a 20th century phenomenon. Before then, religious and intellectual authority of universities would not have permitted it. During the Enlightenment, the weakening of religious authority was offset by the strengthening of intellectual authority. However, following World War I, religious and intellectual authority was weakened, and in some countries such authority almost disappeared entirely. Totalitarianism required unquestioning obedience to governmental authority, which was provided by the full mobilization of the population during World War I. Wartime governments completely controlled their economies through rationing and allocation of all resources. Liberties and personal freedoms were sacrificed to ensure victory, and that victory was considered to be worth virtually any cost. Citizens who did not submit themselves to governmental authority were at a minimum suspect, and, in many cases, they were considered traitors to their countries.

Philip J. Adler identified five characteristics of totalitarianism:

1. No private life. “The traditional boundaries between public and private affairs of citizens would be redefined or obliterated. Much that had been considered private would now be declared public and thus a matter for governmental concern and control. Even family relationships and aesthetic values would fall
into this category.”

2. Cult of Personality. “The state would become an extension of the Leader’s will. Government policy would be the implementation of what the “people” truly wanted, as interpreted by the Leader.”

3. Single-party Ultra-nationalism. “The bond between the people and the Leader would be made concrete and visible by the single allowed party, a mass organization created to form a link between the two. The ‘People’ would be understood to include only those belonging to the majority ethnic groups (Italians, Germans, or whoever). The others, ‘aliens,’ would to one degree or another be considered intruders and have no inherent rights at all.”

4. Trust the Leader alone. “Because the leader and the people would be joined by a mystic bond allowing the Leader to be the sole authentic interpreter of the collective will, there would be no need for political competition or discussion. Parliaments and traditional parties could all be eliminated. They were merely selfish interests seeking to confuse the people and negate their true welfare, which lay in the Leader’s hands.”

5. Collective Will is Everything. “The collective would be all; the individual nothing. Individual conscience, affections, and interests would be rigorously subordinated to the needs and demands of the people and the Leader, as expressed at various levels through the party.”

Anyone who would stifle thought, or expression, and adhere to the criminal subjection of Political Correctness, is not a true citizen of the United States of America. They are at best a parasite leaching off the goodness of those who are afraid to express themselves in any manner they see fit.

Next time Thomas Kotkowski you attack someone’s right to free speech remember you fit into one or all of the descriptions above, and that you have no right to the blessing of this country. People like you who too afraid to step out and enjoy the freedoms we have are not worthy of them.

Are you a fascist Thomas Kotkowski?

robattaya said...

I don't have a lot of time these days, as my job requires my attention 60-70 hours a week. I will try to make this brief, but thorough.

Just so we're all on the same page, and a little about myself, I'm Christian, white, navy veteran, and consider myself a Constitutionalist.

While I agree with many things that Thomas said in the beginning, I also noticed that he is the ONLY one furthering this thread. T.F. is defending his stance on his own blog, and trying to be done with this whole thing. Yes, as off-color comment was made. Most people would simply move along and leave it alone. But this has been continuing for how many days now?

I know the hot-button word here is "racist," but the real under-lying issue is bigotry. Bigotry against those who aren't politically correct out of fear of offending others.

The word "racist" is thrown around so much these days people really have forgotten what it means, and therefore really has no meaning. So to sit there and lambast any individual for any significant length of time does nothing but infer that you have a personal vendetta with them. (Hurting the cause of Tea Party members - don't give us a bad name, etc.)

Thomas, I know you are Christian, but I will assume not LDS, as your scripture references would imply. And T.F.'s use of the scripture about casting the beam out of your own eye was asking you to look at your beam of bigotry, before you ask him to look at his mote of racism. The sheer number of your comments alone should be testimony enough for that fact.

Also a wise man named Brigham Young, once said, "He who takes offense when offense is not intended is a fool, but he who takes offense when offense IS intended, is a greater fool."

One of my favorite scriptures is found in the Doctrine and Covenants 121: 41-46

"41 No power or influence can or ought to be maintained by virtue of the priesthood, only by persuasion, by long-suffering, by gentleness and meekness, and by love unfeigned;

42 By kindness, and pure knowledge, which shall greatly enlarge the soul without hypocrisy, and without guile—

43 Reproving betimes with sharpness, when moved upon by the Holy Ghost; and then showing forth afterwards an increase of love toward him whom thou hast reproved, lest he esteem thee to be his enemy;

44 That he may know that thy faithfulness is stronger than the cords of death.

45 Let thy bowels also be full of charity towards all men, and to the household of faith, and let virtue garnish thy thoughts unceasingly; then shall thy confidence wax strong in the presence of God; and the doctrine of the priesthood shall distil upon thy soul as the dews from heaven.

46 The Holy Ghost shall be thy constant companion, and thy scepter an unchanging scepter of righteousness and truth; and thy dominion shall be an everlasting dominion, and without compulsory means it shall flow unto thee forever and ever."

Thomas, if we do not learn to speak to all people, even those with whom we disagree vehemently, with kindness, love, and respect, then whatever it is we are trying to communicate will never come across as we want it to.

T.F., while I may not have had the same chuckle as others at the initial post, I actually do see the humor in it, but it's not really my cup of tea.

In the past I have spent far too much time trying to convince people I actually knew that I'm not a racist, but have found in the end, people will believe whatever it is they will believe. I'm simply offering a third party perspective, and with that will bid you all a good day.

I'm going to spend mine with my family.

Ryan Welch said...

Political Correctness is political fascism. The entire goal of political correctness is to lie and to intimidate to further a political agenda designed to gain power for a few while enslaving the many. PC = Lie. Political correctness renames things with words that mislead and deceive as to the true nature of the thing being described. To deceive with words is to lie by definition. Since Lucifer is the father of lies Political Correctness is the language of Lucifer. But beyond making people liars, Political Correctness has an agenda, and that is to subvert Judaeo Christian ethics, western society, and Constitutional Principals in order to satisfy the the lust for power by a few, at the ex pence of the "useful idiots" who place them in power, and also everyone else. So, I applaud T.F. anti PC agenda because T.F. is just fighting evil.

Ryan Welch said...

TJ Avenger said...
Introduction to Totalitarianism

Totalitarianism is a 20th century phenomenon.

That sir is untrue, false. Totalitarianism is the most common for of government in all of recorded history. Sure there are different varieties, different flavors, but until the American age rule by the consent of will of the people was very rare.

Thomas Kotkowski said...

Bow out? Absolutely. As soon as my name and the attempts to discredit me, authored by Mr. Stern, are taken down. Why is that so hard to figure out? Leave your attempt at humor. Just remove anything with my name in it. Then we move on to other pressing issues.

Before we go off on the free speech tangent, ask yourself, you know honestly, if this really is about Mr. Stern and free speech? Or rather about Mr. Stern demeaning Juan and I? Read his original post and see if the clever commentary, then the inclusion of Juan's and my name make it more of a personal attack on the two of us?

Being a "Constitutionalist" would help you understand that I have a right to add my commentary here. I believe that is covered in the 6th amendment. Something about facing ones accuser or such? I have every bit as much right to defend my character in front of my accuser, as the author has, free speech and all, to attempt to destroy my character with his wicked clever commentary.

The easy way to bow out would be to remove the post rather than continue to comment, overwhelmed, and such. I know that's a free speech, and all issue. But the post is about me and my objection to the authors racist commentary. Therefor requesting the removal of the Facebook conversation, that has nothing to do with this here clever blog, is not unusual, free speech and all.

I can't figure out why he has a right to post about me but you want me to stop responding to posts made about me? Then you accuse me of being Totalitarian? Please do explain that position to me? Mr. Stern has the right to continue to post about me but I need to bow out? Because somehow my rights no longer exist because the other guy in the tango feels overwhelmed? It does take two, now apparently more, to tango does it not? I will be waiting for that bright piece of knowledge, about him having rights and all but I need to bow out, to be explained within the framework of the Constitution. Free speech and all.

I have asked that my name be removed, now a few times. I know though that my continued replies, to the authors clever responses, on a blog that includes my name, that I personally asked be removed, makes me the one causing the issue somehow and perpetuating the whole thing. I get that. Typical bully mentality. But there really is a simple solution. Remove my name and the Facebook conversation. Stop using my personal name and Juan's and all is well. But I clearly see how it is I causing the problem here in replying to the authors continued posts directed at me and not the other way around. I really don't like bullies. Especial the ones that use social media to attack folks they never knew before they made racist comments, then tried to justify their racist comments by personally attacking Juan and I on a different format. I wouldn't be here or even know this blog existed if it didn't include my or Juan's names.

If my name were not here neither would I be here. So, free speech and all, why not delete it so I can go about my business and you can go about yours, free speech and all?

For a guy that is so overwhelmed by the commentary, on a blog post he himself made, he sure does perpetuate and drag it out by not removing it and continuing to attempt to bully me into believing how vastly superior to me he is. Why is that? And more importantly why do you not see that?

I know that may be wicked hard to figure out. So I will break it down like this, as long as my name remains on this blog, I will continue to post. As long as you, the author of the blog, and anybody else wants to engage, I am game. I got the time.

Remove my name and I remove myself from the blog. Is that really hard to figure out? I got a ton of things I need done as well. Let's agree to disagree and remove the stuff you posted here, about me, from Facebook and leave me be. Then and only then I will leave you good folks alone.

Can we compromise here or is this post really worth the overwhelming issues you are facing Mr. Stern?

Thomas Kotkowski said...

I just provided to you, again, the solution to this smoehow perplexing issue.

Please Mr. Stern, remove the post and stop using the names of Juan and I. Let's all move along and accomplish other more pressing things.

T. F. Stern said...

Thomas; What you ask for, removing your name from this article or deleting this article isn't going to happen. I stand by what I wrote. We're having dinner after church if you want to stop by; but the article with your name stays. Next time you want to make a comment that folks won't use with your name attached, post an article with your name attached or complain...I'd suggest doing so anonymously so you won't have to defend yourself in an open forum.

Thomas Kotkowski said...

So you actuall want to continue the whole thing free speech and all? Even in the face of feeling so overwhelmed? Exactly what I suspected was going to happen.

Ok. I'm in. I will continue to respond to any and all comments here as well, my right, free speech and all, correct? So let the comments roll in or let the post die. Either way I will continue to play the game.

Just out of curiosity to those keeping score, I offered a good, fair, and reasonable resolution that Mr. Stern refused to accept. Please see that this issue now continues at his request not mine. If you can't see that for what it is I don't know what to tell ya.

Thinking out loud here, I wonder what sort of pleasure Mr. Stern is deriving from adamantly refusing to remove two names from his ever so clever blog here?

T. F. Stern said...

Thomas; Reason and logic have long since failed your grasp; please feel free to whine and moan here in the comment section.

Thomas Kotkowski said...

That's a good one. You just pick that up at church? No church I know promotes the arrogance you possess. In fact most churches would frown on a member that stoops to racism to attempt to be funny. I guess you must have them all buffaloed. You don't fool me one bit though. Want to continue? Ok for you that just can't help yourself. Let's play.

Reason and logic, free speech and all, would have you keeping from posting any further nonsense here. You care to explain how you want to continue this, by getting your diggs in, while simultaneously being overwhelmed and all? Reason and logic dictate you to be wrong there as well. You care to explain, free speech and all, why you just can't let it go? Reason and logic would dictate you, being overwhelmed, would stop. But again with the projecting of your issues on me? Does it ever end?

You keep provoking a response, that I clearly told you that you would get, then complain of being overwhelmed because I respond to you? Insanity is repeating the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result. Another sign of mental illness if feeling superior to others. Which, if you've read any of this conversation, you can clearly see you are not. You can fool yourself yet you now fool nobody but you. You aren't even bright enough to stop posting comments here. Why can't you just let it go? How is it that you lack self control to that extreme?

Glad you find my exercise of free speech "whining and moaning" while you push you freedom of speech to protect you racist ranting.

Ed Kugler said...

I check in here occasionally and find this dialogue pretty unbelievable. Thomas I happen to agree with your position on Muslims, Islam and Christian persecution 100 percent. Because of that people call me a racist and Islamaphobe. I am also a Marine veteran, two tours in Nam slinging lead with the bad guys. And as you a rah rah American. I do have to say I have had it up to my ears with political correctness and the constant cries of racism in America. I'm very connected with todays current Marines because of a book I wrote, and I can tell you political correctness killed as many troops in Iraq and Afghan as did the enemy. To me the term wetback refers to people entering this country illegally. I have a great deal of respect for Mexicans or any immigrant that comes to this country legally, learns the language and pay taxes and assimilate into American society. I don't feel the same way about anyone entering illegally. That said, people joke everyday about all kinds of things. We have more serious problems in America than whats being written about here. Our current President is the divider in chief. Regardless of race, color, creed, religion whatever, we need to come together in this country for the good of our future, the future of our grandchildren because a good future in all but gone for them. Arguing about nitpick stuff like this is exactly what the other side wants us to do. And this is not a trick question, but I just posted this on my FB, because I believe it true and funny ... do you find this racist? /Users/Kug/Pictures/Photos Library.photoslibrary/Thumbnails/2015/06/20/20150620-202001/WCUCAdrxTTiWtLnh4MBdCw/thumb_11224528_10155735121340424_5421088579103632832_n_1024.jpg

Ed Kugler said...

Unfortunately Thomas the picture didn't post. Don't know how to do it

Thomas Kotkowski said...

Ed, Semper Fi brother. This has gone way past PC nonsense. This is all about a personal attack on me as is clearly indicated in the commentary that started the whole post.

Had the comments from Facebook not been brought here, I wouldn't be here either.

"Author Robert Heinlein pointed out, “Never try to teach a pig to sing; it wastes your time and it annoys the pig.”

Clearly a personal assault.

The other GLARING issue everybody is overlooking is that the comment was posted to the TEA PARTY page of Facebook.

How does one, sick of being lumped in with the Tea Party as being racist, allow that type of racist nonsense to go unchecked?

All questions I have clearly been asking. Just like, why would any Conservative post anything like that to the Tea Party page and allow Liberals to use it to continue to paint us ALL Conservatives as racist?

It was stupid, childish, and not allowed to be used to damage a party that I bong to. Forgive me for not wanting to give an inch to Liberals in exchange for a poor attempt at humor.

Is that not clear to see? Equally clear to see is that I would not be here if it wasn't carried over from Facebook in an attempt to discredit me as PC for exercising some common sense.

I didn't bring the fight here Me. Stern did and continues to dig though I gave him a reasonable way out.

I would go look at you picture in a few and get back to you.

Thomas Kotkowski said...

Ed, sorry i cant see the picture.

Thomas Kotkowski said...

I apologize for the horrible spelling in my previous post as well. Trying to cook dinner and type and it isn't working so well.

Thomas Kotkowski said...

My point exactly.

"Alaska Rep. Don Young issued an apology Friday for using the term "wetbacks" when discussing migrant works, acknowledging it is an "insensitive term" that he says should have been left behind with the last century.

The apology came after House Speaker John Boehner and other Republican Party leaders denounced Young on Friday for using the term.

The 79-year-old Young, the second-most senior Republican in the House, had issued a statement late Thursday saying he "meant no disrespect" in using the derogatory term to describe the workers on his father's farm in central California, where he grew up.

But lawmakers on both sides of the aisle made clear Friday they did not find the explanation acceptable.

"Congressman Young's remarks were offensive and beneath the dignity of the office he holds. I don't care why he said it -- there's no excuse and it warrants an immediate apology," Boehner said in a brief statement.

Senate Republican Whip John Cornyn, R-Texas, said the comments "do nothing to elevate our party, political discourse or the millions who come here looking for economic opportunity." "

Dcor Tez said...

Thomas, I wish you wouldn't throw the word racist around, you sound like a MSNBC liberal hack. From


Word Origin

a person who believes in racism, the doctrine that one's own racial group is superior or that a particular racial group is inferior to the others.
of or like racists or racism:
racist policies; racist attitudes.

You might want to look in the mirror.

[big-uh t]

Word Origin

a person who is utterly intolerant of any differing creed, belief, or opinion.

Here's one you can look up for yourself:


That said, this is my understanding of the word wetback, or as it was spoken in my community, mojado or mojhow(sp), it means wet. It was used along the lines of hillbilly, country bumpkin, fresh off the turnip truck, new to the country without papers, socially unsophisticated, and get ready for this ... DOESN"T SPEAK ENGLISH

You may have used it differently in the past and feel that you need to repent, I dunno.

Anyhoo, my mother was a mojada. She went down the road of becoming an American, but unfortunately, she stopped once she became a democrat, LOL.

At the moment, we are overtaxed, over budget, and our grandchildren will not grow up in the same America that we did. The Germans are firing bullets and you are firing words. (Guess that makes me a racist chicken plucking bigot for saying Germans)

Thomas Kotkowski said...

Tez, if you were to read my post, right there above yours, then click the link attatched to it, it will bring you to a story from Fox News not MSNBC.

The term used is absolutely racist. It has been for quite some time. Like I said previously, this is the year 2015 not 1960 where it was acceptable to throw racial slurs around. It has been brought to my attention that Ike used it already. That doesn't make it right today any more than the fact that the "n" word was common place back in that era as well. Why were these two words thrown around? Because somehow the folks that used them were superior to those they used the terms on. Racist.

Fact is a sitting Congressman, Alaska Rep. Don Young, used the same exact term. He was rebuked by the Speaker of the House John Boehner publicly for "remarks (that) were offensive and beneath the dignity of the office he holds."

We can debate later, in a different setting, if in fact John Boehner is a legitimate Conservative or not. That really isn't the point here. But what I will say is that Boehner, just like me, is hardly an MSNBC hack either. The point here is Rep. Don Young threw the same term out there and was corrected. Why? Because the term is racist and offensive. I believe that was in 2013.

In fact "Senate Republican Whip John Cornyn, R-Texas, said the comments "do nothing to elevate our party, political discourse or the millions who come here looking for economic opportunity."

Same discussion can be had about Cornyn in relation to the party. I know. I get it. But Cornyn, just like me, is no MSNBC hack either.

Let me share Rep. Don Young's thoughts. "it is an "insensitive term" that he says should have been left behind with the last century." Amen there!

As far as you suggesting that I used the word differently and feel a need to repent for that use is concerned, I don't use racial slurs in public or private. So why would there be a need for me to repent?

Terms like the one Mr. Stern used, and all chiming in here in his defense are supporting, "do nothing to elevate our party, political discourse," or promote inclusion.

I do find it utterly amazing that everyone here talks about Democrats and the damage they are doing in America today. A FACT that I happen to agree with by the way, but not one of you yet, has come to realize the damage that is done by posting that, or any other racist insensitive word, to the Tea Party's Facebook presence, for the whole world to see the Tea Party being racist, just like the Democrats say we are?

Technicality and hair splitting aside, free speech and all, how can we expect to EVER win another election, in the hopes of reversing all the damage done by Democrats, if we insist on posting stupid comments, just like the one that brought us all here, to any social media and providing ammo for Democrats to prove us every bit as racist as they say we are?

God help me understand why, free speech and all, that is SO DIFFICULT for such intelligent folks to figure out?

Thomas Kotkowski said...

Happy Father's Day to ALL the Dad's out there that may swing by here today. Enjoy your day!