Monday, November 23, 2015

Hobo Kitty Update November 23, 2015

We’ve been wondering what happened to one of the newer Hobo Kitties, Mr. Nibbles, an orange Tabby.  He hasn’t been around in about 3-4 weeks now.  Hope the best for him; but the odds are he’s in Hobo Kitty Heaven along with some of the other visitors to have stayed in our garage over the years.  He’s either been run over by a passing car somewhere in the neighborhood or picked up by animal control.  Being a Hobo Kitty has these dangers built in; maybe he decided to go live at the Ritz, not likely.

Mr. Nibbles was an Alpha-male in almost every aspect which meant he had to run things, to included running the previous top male cat off; can’t have two leaders of the Hobo Kitty Harem.  Our Thunder Hobo Kitty (pictured above) got beat up too many times so he packed his pack and left for less threatening quarters somewhere nearby.  We’d see him now and again; but Mr. Nibbles ran him off each time.

With Mr. Nibbles gone missing for about a month Thunder figured out he can come by more often, grab a quick meal in the morning and get some much needed strokes from the Humans.  He’s also cousin to Puddin’ Head, Pumpkin’s twin sister, so they get along quite well; nothing to be concerned about since they’ve both been ‘fixed’ a long time ago.

This afternoon we’ve been doing the preliminary house cleaning prior to Thanksgiving.  Lucy is in the kitchen canning a double batch of pork loins to go into our pantry.  I’ve been putting odds and ends away and making it appear as if we have some kind of order in the house.  (good luck with that)

I was able to get the butcher block oak table in the kitchen nook somewhat stable, turning the bolts a bit tighter on the pedestal.  One of the bolts is close to stripped out; but the others were able to snug down enough to stop most of the sway.  We also used some coasters under the foot pads to help level it.   

Lucy will need all the space she can get when the first batch of pork comes out of the pressure canner.  Yes, we actually have a real pressure canner just like the ones Muslim Terrorists used to injure and kill Americans at the Boston Marathon; but we use ours as it was intended, to put up food stores for when times are lean.  (I think that last clicking I heard was the NSA tagging my computer)

Thunder stuck around long enough for us to offer Treats, a trigger word for all our Hobo Kitties.  Dog Dog didn’t want to be left out so he got Kitty Treats as well.  Pumpkin, Puddin’ Head, Thunder, Dog Dog….Pumpkin, Puddin’ Head, Thunder, Dog Dog…until each of them had several Treats and were happy to be enjoying the breeze as it came in past the wind chimes. 

We’re enjoying a cool spell after the front pushed all that rain out the other day, even got down to the mid 30s last night.  Clear blue skies and a light breeze; better enjoy it while it lasts.  This kind of weather makes Thunder’s ebony coat look even more splendid, what a beautiful beast!  Time to get back to work making the house look passable…

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