Saturday, April 15, 2006

Gang Related Information and Warning!

I’m posting this on my blog in the hope of extending my normal email area of influence; in other words, this is for the two or three who stop by and read my articles.

Important Edit: April 16th

I have found that the information I posted is one of those "Urban Legends", a hoax. My thanks to Greg, Rhymes with Right, for pointing this out to me. I would have pulled this and tossed it in the digital file 13; except for one thing, by reading this information it just might cause one or two folks to pay closer attention to traffic, hazards that are out there and that might be enough to keep them out of harms way. With that in mind, disregard sending this on to your email connections, your friends and family.

“The following is from an email that I have forwarded to all of the CFSA sports commissioners to pass through the sports association. I am sending it to you all in hopes that you will let others that you know. Vince Smith is the President of the Cy Fair Sports Association and a veteran police officer with the HPD gang violence task force.

Please copy this and send it to all your email friends. ( disregard this line, see edit above )

Last Friday, Vince Smith told me that the HPD gang task force that he is a part of has determined that a local gang has started a deadly ritual for initiation into their gang.

Here is how it works...... Between the hours of 10 PM and Midnight, prospective members drive around in a car with the headlights off. When a passing motorist flashes his lights at them to let them know (as many of has have done), they use this as the method of tagging the car and they then attack the car, shooting and killing all occupants. He said that this has happened 3 times in the Houston area.”

Thanks to Belk Null for originating this message.


Greg AKA Rhymes With Right said...

This sounds like an old urban legend, my friend.

Regards, Greg

T. F. Stern said...

Greg, Thanks for the information. It does seem to be a hoax "warning" that I got in my email tonight. I would rather be guilty of warning first and checking out validity second than have kept quiet. Thanks again for responding. TF