Thursday, September 25, 2008

Denny’s Senior Menu

The other night Lucy and I wanted to go to What-a-burger over on FM1960; but the closer we got the more it became apparent that none of that section of the electrical grid was up and running. There was a strange darkness where normally it was pure commercial lighting, no traffic lights or anything else.

One exception was Denny’s which was bright and all lighted up. Denny’s had rented a fairly large portable generator and parked it on the back side of the lot. I figure if they want my business enough to stay open late and go to all the extra expense then they should be rewarded. They had a sign on the front door showing how they had a limited menu and would close at 9pm rather than their normal 24 hour service. ( I wonder where the night shift cops are getting fed; just a thought. )

The restaurant had plenty of customers as we were led to a booth. Going over the menu Lucy pointed to the Senior’s side and found something she might enjoy. It occurred to me I could order off the Senior’s Menu; never thought of my self in that category before. I asked the waitress, who was busier than the one legged man in the butt kicking contest, what the difference was between a regular Club Sandwich and the one listed on the Senior’s Menu.

“Nothing really, maybe it’s a little smaller.” She kept walking and serving others as I pondered the additional information. We placed our order and when it arrived I studied the size and shape of the Senior’s version Club Sandwich; if it was smaller it must have been with the number of French Fries. We saved four dollars between the two of us and enjoyed their air conditioning; at the time our electricity hadn’t come back on yet.

There was a little old man sitting in the booth across from us, a thin supply tube hooked up to an oxygen canister was looped around his ears as he had dinner with his family. Then there was a little old lady with one of those aluminum walkers scooting toward the front door, a daughter assisting her every step. Those are Seniors, I’m just a kid who got a little older and can benefit by saving a couple of dollars when ordering food now.

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