Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Hurricane Ike Photographs (part 1 of 2 )

I’ve had a few moments to download pictures to go along with what I’d written earlier. We’ve just been told to expect at least another week without electricity, more likely two weeks, because the survey crew that was out to repair the line damage said it was done by a tornado that passed along the back of the subdivision and took out several poles and all the power cable that feeds to our neighborhood. We also had more bad news; not to use the water because there was a break in the sewer and the water might be contaminated. So, other than that, “How’d you like the show, Mrs. Lincoln?”

Hope these come out in the order I picked; all the same, here goes nothing.

The first picture should be of my neighbor Bob across the street, where the pine tree went through his roof.

Next might be harder to figure out; a mass of twisted tree limbs, some cut, others waiting to be cut that are wrapped around the telephone line/cable line that runs along the back fence. This was a primary reason for me to get the chain saw out.

I had all my shoes doing overtime, these were on the front porch drying out.

The sandbags were a precaution since that part of our house is where we have a problem when there’s high water. This is where the roof pores down on its way to the drain; no water ever got in the house.

If you look closely, there’s a gap under the suspended tree that was just lifted from out of Bob’s house; yup, that’s air under the tree’s base. “Where do you want this tree delivered?” ( Blogger will only let me post this much so I’ll have to get the last two on a separate entry; but here are the explanations to go with those last two pictures. )

This is my friend Russ wearing his David Haken commemorative t-shirt; only worn on special occasions like when you have to get down in the mud or cut down trees after a hurricane. For a couple of aging old farts we did okay this time.

Last one I’ll share is my Hurricane Ike War Wound. The picture doesn’t share the depth or the blood since it was taken this morning after I’d cleaned it with peroxide.

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