Friday, February 19, 2010

The S Word

Nickie Goomba's friend Victoria Jackson wrote on the F word ; her daughter being advised not to use the word Fart in public. Okay, so there was reference to Rahm Emanuel’s use of the F word, and it wasn’t Fudge; but that was simply a means to an end.

Having been a police officer, sitting through many roll call bulletins, techniques for farting on queue had to be developed so as to acknowledge bulletins coming from the Chief’s office as opposed to those from city hall. You got points for being adept at this, trust me.

My partner, never to let an opportunity “pass” without comment would immediately ask, upon hearing the familiar buzz, “Sgt. Who?” This led to a minor change in social workings; instead of asking, “Who Farted”, from then on until the present it’s, “Sgt. Who”, the S word.

Imagine, grown men giggling about passed gasses. Twenty plus years of damaged social graces results in a flawed assessment of what’s funny. When my grandchildren hear me say, “Sgt. Who”, they quickly respond with, “That’s gross, Pepaw!” We all laugh and get on with life and I don’t think “Sgt. Who” is any better or worse than what my friend from the country used to call, “Barking spiders”. He’d pretend to step on the escaping spider by tap dancing his shoe on an imaginary spot on the floor; hope to never grow up and forget how to have fun.


Starsplash said...

Ewww that's wet.

MK said...

It's the beginning of the end when you lose your sense of humor.

The probligo said...

If there is anything that upsets me more than Bowdlerised Shakespear it is the loss of the old and true English.

I am proud to be an old fart. Just like I should be :)