Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Border Security?

Illegal immigration is a hot topic even though it’s been simmering on the back burner for years. Every time the public tells congress to fix the illegal border crossing problem the answer comes back in double speak. “It’s a very important issue and we’re dealing with it.” In English that means, “We want the border secured about as much as we want the public to hear what we actually think of them”.

“On Tuesday, Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano said the southern border in Arizona is as safe as it ever has been.”

‘“I know that border I think as well as anyone, and I will tell you it is as secure now as it has ever been,” Napolitano said.”

Napolitano would have issued water polo equipment to passengers on the Titanic, “Won’t this be fun, everyone into the water now”. One thing Napolitano said is true, “that border is as secure as it has ever been”; in other words, “Come on over, free health care, no income taxes on cash paying jobs and free public schools with bilingual teachers”.

Members of congress are busy trying to enact a mass voter’s registration bill; sorry, that should have read amnesty for illegal immigrant’s bill. The last thing they want to hear about is some citizen getting murdered in Arizona by Mexican drug dealers crossing the border any time they want. Congress doesn’t care what the public has to say. In fact, they are quite certain they know much better what is good for us, having ignored our demands to build a fence all these years and enforce existing immigration laws.

The folks in Arizona got tired of waiting and passed their own border security and enforcement law . It must not be all that important a piece of legislation because it took all of a five minutes to read the entire bill; not like those 2000 page monstrosities that come out of Washington, bills which nobody bothers to even read prior to voting on them.

Speaking of Arizona’s illegal immigration enforcement bill, what’s the big deal about letting local law enforcement officers do their job of protecting citizens from criminals? I don’t get it; why would folks in San Francisco have their panties in a bind over citizens in Arizona wanting to keep Mexican criminals from robbing and murdering them? Maybe too many bisexual illegal aliens are being deported; who knows?

I always thought we called them “illegal aliens” because it was, well, against the law. The next thing you’re gonna’ tell me congress and the president are supposed to follow the constitution. “Gwaaannnnn!”, as Eliza Doolittle from My Fair Lady would say,

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smacklin said...

What have been looking for and have been unable to find is what the FBI Policy is in the same area. If they apprehend someone for a federal crime and they have reasonable grounds to suspect the person my be in the country illegally, what do they do?

How does federal law enforcement policy compare to the Arizona law?

Starsplash said...

What country does she (Napolitin ice cream-O) live in because the one I live in Arizona has a problem.

T. F. Stern said...

Cops have been told not to do anything with illegal aliens for years, having stopped them for this that or the other legally. AZ now has said they will turn them, should be fun watching the news media do a spin on all this. I've been listening to the garbage already, stopping families at the grocery store, school bus raids, family picnic busts; what a crock. The only difference will be the follow up on already arrested illegal aliens that now are simply cut loose.

Napy must live in fantasy land...

MK said...

"I don’t get it; why would folks in San Francisco have their panties in a bind over citizens in Arizona wanting to keep Mexican criminals from robbing and murdering them?"

Exactly, it's that liberal fascism at play TF, they know better than you how you should run your life. They know better than you who should walk in and out of your town and yard.

As for napolitano, her word is about as reliable as that of a pedophile promising to leave your kids alone.

Starsplash said...

Yeah and at the same time all the people fighting aginst the invasion of illegal aliens (sounds like a sci-fi movie)are also preaching and teaching got to live by the rule of law (said with a Gall--ifornia surfer accent).

What a bunch of snypocrats.