Thursday, April 01, 2010

EPA Saved Me a Trip to Soviet Union

Lucy and I were planning a trip to the Soviet Union until we found we didn’t have to go; saved the cost of some very expensive airline tickets, not to mention hotel and eating at restaurants. I was so looking forward to greeting everyone we met, “Hello, Comrade, how much longer do we have to stand in line for a loaf of bread?”, or, “Comrade, does the bus come by every hour or every other hour?”

There’s a story in the Houston Chronicle by Matthew Tresaugue, EPA raises gas mileage rules, sets first greenhouse limits . The new rules require a 40% reduction in tailpipe emissions along with an increase in gas mileage for vehicles produced in 2012.

‘“This is a significant step towards cleaner air and energy efficiency, and an important example of how our economic and environmental priorities go hand-in-hand,” the Environmental Protection Agency's administrator, Lisa Jackson, said in a statement.”

Do you want to know what that statement means in plain English? You have to read between the lines, think the way whacko environmentalists do. Humans and the industries which make their lives comfortable and productive are a blight upon the planet. The purpose of the EPA isn’t to make the air quality better for humans; but to make it better for trees and animals that’ve had to suffer living as second class earthlings ever since we began to stand upright.

“Cleaner air an energy efficiency”, at least in the minds of the environmentally deranged, means fewer people able to drive and pollute the air, fewer trips to the gas station where the price of gasoline will have tripled to comply with the ever emerging rules the EPA is putting into play via pending Cap & Trade legislation.

“Our economic and environmental priorities go hand and hand” alerts us that the intent of the EPA is to put America back at least a hundred years, before automobiles and trucks created all our problems, back to a time when walking was enough. We can expect the rules to become so stringent that building a car or truck will become too expensive for consumers and vastly more cumbersome on the manufacturing process, enough as to make it financially too risky.

You want to know why the oil industry isn’t building refineries; all you’d have to do is look at Lilliputian hoops and hurdles placed in the way, all in the name of safety and the environment. The real reason is to halt growth by killing off profit motive.

The brighter side of such EPA impositions to the free market; Lucy and I will be able to walk down the road without having to worry about being run over. The only cars and trunks being used will be by the State conducting business, pretty much like the Soviet Union. Imagine streets filled with nothing but bicycles and pedestrians all scurrying about trying to stay alive; not the America you and I grew up in, just the future for our children and grandchildren living under socialism and the natural consequences that follow in a totalitarian government.

If you want to know what tyranny looks like; go no further than the EPA. That dear Comrade is happening to liberty today. America grew to greatness under a free enterprise system, profit being the driving force. The way to kill the old America and replace it with socialism is to destroy the profit motive and watch free enterprise wither on the vine.

“There is no real answer but to remove brick by brick the capitalist system itself, rebuilding the entire society on socialist principles” Robert McChesney, influential advisor to the Obama administration.

Make sure you erase this from your computer before the secret police have a chance to find it. До мы встречать снова… Не надо мешать грамматический определенный член внебрачный,побочный ребенок доставать ты пух.

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Nickie Goomba said...

I agree completely, Comrade. Excellent post!

MK said...

You won't have to go to the USSR, the left will bring as much of it as they can over to you. Only difference being, the totalitarian communism is replaced by the strong unrelenting arm of liberal fascism.

"The only cars and trunks being used will be by the State conducting business, pretty much like the Soviet Union."

Yep, running around enforcing their various rules and regulations which, are for your own good you know.

"Imagine streets filled with nothing but bicycles and pedestrians all scurrying about trying to stay alive..."

Bicycles and those ugly, life-draining government buses, it's a lefties wet dream come true.

David said...

*sigh* The nomenklatura (congresscritters and their partners in crime in the White, urm, Cafe su Lait House are already ruling the politboro (D.C.) and setting up the rules for confiscation of any products of freedom...

T. F. Stern said...

Even with all that is going wrong in our country, it's still better than any other on earth; reason to have faith we can turn things around in the future. It may take a couple of generations to undo the damage; but it can be done.