Saturday, April 09, 2011

Worried About Government Shutdown?

There’s a poll question on KPRC’s website that asks, “Are you worried a government shutdown will affect you?” The question doesn’t cover my concerns about whether or not the government might function even less proficiently should certain non-essential functions be put on hold until such time as a budget is agreed upon.

The question is academic since both Republicans and Democrats came to an agreement, an agreement not to do anything significant in the way of spending cuts. The way it was explained to me, each day our government spends roughly $50 billion; but the huge squabble in Washington evaporated when they decided to cut $38.5 billion.

Am I worried about the government shutdown? The question should have read, “Are you concerned that our government is spending money that won’t be available until the next two generations are born, grown up and have to fork over 75% of their earnings in order to keep all the entitlement programs operational?” Are you concerned that those in leadership positions refuse to act responsibly and slash trillions of dollars of entitlement programs in order to save the country? I’m not concerned nearly as much as I’m angry!

The only representative to have gained my favor is Wisconsin Rep. Paul Ryan who proposed slashing the budget by $6.2 trillion over a ten year period. Most of Washington is unwilling to act while the ship is sinking; bailing with tea spoons rather than getting out buckets which would be more efficient. As fast as our ship is going down I fear not even buckets will prevent the inevitable; but for goodness sakes, at least put forth an honest effort.

Name calling is a favorite pastime and effective tool for silencing those who don’t support the leftist agenda; this time the popular derogatory stain, “extreme” for anything which resembles self restraint and responsibility. Tea Baggers, Republicans, Conservatives; call them what you want as long as the word extreme is included in the sentence; the media reports it and the slow witted masses latch onto the negative inference, if it doesn’t fit the leftist agenda it must be extreme and wrong.

Interestingly, as I think about the situation, I’m not as angry at those on the left; they continue to promote their ideology, making America a socialist nation even if it means going bankrupt through reckless or even suicidal spending. Am I Worried, perhaps; but disgust and anger better describe my feelings towards spineless Republicans who have neglected their duties to represent our constitutional republic through conservative measures which are tried and true.

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