Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Farewell Head Buttr’ & Hobo Kitty History Links

We had a sad day here at the Stern's house; another one of the Hobo Kitties has been hit by a car. Head Buttr’, as we had named her, was one of only two Hobo Kitties that made the transition from feral to being truly domesticated. We lost Princess a little over a year ago; why is it the ones who get into your heart are the ones to get run over?

Lucy met me at the back door with her broken heart showing when I got home from doing some locksmith work. I knew right away something was wrong as she led me silently into the house where she had Head Buttr’ wrapped in a towel, as if sleeping, on the kitchen nook floor. May her eternal dreams place her at the end of our bed, cupped in my hand peacefully purring or in her “safe spot” on the stairs over looking the den.

 We buried her in the back yard among the Creeping Jasmine and Wandering Jew where she liked to play. If it’s against the home owner’s association rules then I’ll deal with that later; but my guess is they can’t read so such a prospect is unlikely.

While looking for reference links to other Hobo Kitty posts it dawned on me to simply list those I could find here. Click on a link to get an idea of what goes on in our garage.

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Going over these posts has softened the pain; enough to get past this afternoon.

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