Tuesday, May 03, 2011

PG Rating Flash

We watched what was supposed to be a PG rated movie last night, Supernova, with James Spader, Angela Bassett and Lou Diamond Phillips. A few minutes into the movie there was a steamy version of the Horizontal Mambo as space crew members got to know each other. Come to think of it, hard to say for sure if it was horizontal, zero gravity makes it a moot point. The scene lasted only a few moments and I had time to check the movie guide once more to make sure; yep, PG rating.

The deep space rescue ship was alerted to dash across the universe at some phenomenal rate of speed, well beyond that of light. We were treated to crew members removing articles of clothing as they hopped into life support modules capable of withstanding the extreme forces.

A line from Ray Stevens song, The Streak , came to mind, “Don’t look Ethel…too late; she’d already been mooned”. The human body is a work of art and nothing to be ashamed of; but at least let the public know when it’s going to be on parade.

While Ray Stevens’ song seemed almost a perfect fit for today’s article, the Statler Brothers won out with their version of, Whatever Happened to Randolph Scott . Movie makers have to flash audiences with skin to make up for shoddy scripts, plots and acting; I understand that, just let us know in advance when to leave the room.

I’d have given a link for the movie; but even the actors might have been ashamed to make that waste of celluloid. Which YouTube video did you like best? Use the comment section to vote.

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