Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Who can doubt now?

Our grand daughter was over the other day to get help putting her "build a bear" together. She's five years old and had a chance to sew with her "Memaw". When the project was completed she went around showing off her new "Teddy" bear.

While cleaning up I was about to toss the empty container in the trash when a piece of paper fell on the table. Apparently each "build a bear" comes with it's own birth certificate. I glanced at the remarkable find, hardly believing my eyes. I'd found the document everyone had been searching for since the 2008 elections. It must have accidentally fallen into the wrong box, a "build a bear" owned by someone else.
Some might be skeptical as to its origins; cut and pasted information taped onto the surface and different types of paper, fonts and such. As with every document, regardless of facts which would automatically prove it fictitious, there remains a certain amount of truth. In this particular instance there is one undeniable fact:

Belongs to: George Soros.

I rest my case.

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