Wednesday, August 16, 2017

But it’s just a statue…

This past week in our nation we’ve seen lawless individuals and groups of thugs attacking anyone who disagrees with their extreme views of a new America, destroying statues they considered offensive, predominantly statues of Civil War heroes.  Some have claimed these statues are nothing more than reminders of White Privilege and domination over Blacks, that they have no place in our day. 

After the carnage in Charlottesville other cities have shown their cowardice in the face of anti-American dissidents (criminals).

“In a stealth purging of history, the city of Baltimore removed four Confederate statues from city property under cover of night early Tuesday morning.”

Then what about those who vandalized the Lincoln Memorial, spray painting vile profanities in protestation of … of what?

It has been written about the Lincoln Memorial:

The Memorial is replete with symbolic elements. The 36 columns represent the states of the Union at the time of Lincoln's death; the 48 stone festoons above the columns represent the 48 states in 1922. Inside, each inscription is surmounted by a 60-by-12-foot (18.3 by 3.7 m) mural by Jules Guerin portraying principles seen as evident in Lincoln's life: Freedom, Liberty, Immortality, Justice, and the Law on the south wall; Unity, Fraternity, and Charity on the north. Cypress trees, representing Eternity, are in the murals' backgrounds. The murals' paint incorporated kerosene and wax to protect the exposed artwork from fluctuations in temperature and moisture.”  

Perhaps the lawless thugs are protesting Freedom, Liberty, Immortality, Justice and the Law.  That may well be true as they go about attacking just about everything sacred to law abiding Americans.

While glancing over a variety of Facebook entries one in particular caught my eye.  No credit was offered as to who first made the entry, not that it needed an author. 

“How is erasing history or tearing down statues any different than burning books?”

Leading up to WWII the Third Reich went on a campaign to destroy any and all records life prior to their totalitarian rule.  Book burnings became a patriotic symbol of moving forward toward the new Germany.  Is history repeating itself here in our day, in our nation?

Where does the censorship of American history end, what or who is immune from these attacks?  In yet a different article out of Chicago a demand was made to remove a statue of George Washington.

‘“Bishop James Dukes sent a letter to Mayor Emanuel and the Chicago Park District on Monday asking the City of Chicago to rename Washington and Jackson Parks which commemorate former presidents George Washington and Andrew Jackson, key historical figures and known slave owners,” reports WGN TV.”

Folks entering the United States via New York harbor have enjoyed the inspiring view of the Statue of Liberty.  Words associated with this symbol of individual freedom read,  “Give me your tired, your poor, Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free…”

Nowhere does it imply destruction of another individual’s rights or liberty; only an invitation to find your own place within our established society.

Someone on Facebook cautiously wrote across an image of Miss Liberty, “Am I next?”, the obvious implication as to her being removed along with everything else we hold dear.

If you connect the dots, a process which can be applied to multiple situations while attempting to determine a purpose greater than any incident by itself; if you connect the dots… then this is a calculated attack at the foundations of our constitutional republic, nothing short of a declaration of war by those who detest individual liberty and prefer chaos and ruin.

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