Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Retired Locksmiths Don’t Need a License

I’m now retired; figured I’d better make it official seeing as how my Texas Locksmith License is up for renewal in September.  I wonder; will the State send me an official notice telling me my license is suspended when I don’t purchase locksmith insurance and send them a copy showing I jumped through that particular hoop.

I was a locksmith long before the State of Texas decided to revoke part of my inalienable rights.  Then one day the State forced locksmiths to obtain a license for that which was an otherwise lawful endeavor.  Over the years I’ve mentioned this to the Department of Public Safety, those letters were mostly ignored. 

What a shame; it would have been nice to have full citizenship, to be able to work without asking the State's permission, without paying a fee for the privilege of earning a living.

Maybe the State of Texas will present me with a gold watch in honor of my forty years serving the public.  Add that to other improbable events; like Hillary Clinton being held accountable for any number of alleged criminal acts committed over her career as a public servant.   

No, the State of Texas will automatically mail me a form letter advising me to cease any and all locksmith business as they classify me as officially Suspended.  I won’t call them letting them know I’ve retired.  They might send a uniformed trooper to my door; a chance for him to meet my grandchildren since I spend most of my time at my place in the country.  I’ve come to the conclusion that the only thing the Department of Public Safety does when they open an envelope is look for a check, deposit that check and mark the appropriate applicant’s folder “Paid”.

It will be up to someone else to carry on the fight for the right to work without a license.  I knew that one day retirement would come; well how about that, I’m retired.

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