Thursday, January 05, 2006

The Book of Damn You All

According to an article (linked via title bar) by the Hollywood Reporter, Two NBC affiliates have decided to drop the controversial television series “The Book of Daniel”. During the past several weeks I’ve seen several advertisements which promote the show; a drug dependent Episcopalian minister who has regular visits and conversations with the Lord, his wife is having an affair while his children are either selling drugs or jumping into bed with the Bishop’s daughter or son; it’s a little hazy at this point. Not having seen the show I’ll have to depend on the hype; did I miss anything?

I can’t imagine what all the hoopla is about; “The Book of Daniel”, as written by the “made for television” writers, represents the average Christian family’s values. Everyone knows that most Christians, like Republicans, are liars who preach a good sermon but live just like in the soap operas on television. We all wish to live down the street from those Desperate Housewives. The first thing Christians do on the way out of church is head for the local drug dealer’s corner to buy cocaine, marijuana or ecstasy. Christians roll around on the floor in choir robes behind the baptistery making Caligula’s orgies look like play school. Christian children are all psychotic from being brainwashed by their parents, who can only be perceived as total hypocrites. These children must sell drugs, sleep around and cavort just like their parents; what else could the end result be? Christians are just a bunch of right wing whackos, no different than their counterparts in the sectarian cesspool of humanity.

I’ll write a letter off to my local NBC affiliate, KPRC here in Houston and advise them that at least one viewer of television, me, will avoid watching that particular show along with those nifty promotions called advertising spots that run in the middle and pay for the show. I imagine that if they get enough letters from the local viewers it might sway them; not likely for such a diverse viewing area, but I’ll send it anyway. This show chips away at the foundation of our society and will eventually cause our demise. While America may have been founded on Christian principles, there is a segment of our society which would re-write history to eliminate that.

"The network stands by the series, according to Vivi Zigler, executive vp current programming at NBC Entertainment, who cautioned not to judge the series on the basis of promotions for the show."

"People are reacting based on not having seen it," she said. "They're seeing the advertising, not seeing what the core of the show is."

"Jack Kenny, executive producer of "Daniel," dismissed claims that the series is anti-Christian. "We are not in any way satirizing Christianity or Jesus," he said. "It's done with love, honoring those

Maybe Vivi Zigler is right, after all, for years they have been advertising NBC Nightly News as “the most watched news program” when in fact it is nothing more than a well orchestrated platform of liberal propaganda. We shouldn’t believe their hype; read a good book and leave the tube off.

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