Saturday, December 31, 2005

From an Old Police Training Report

I was clearing off some old “junk” that had accumulated on top of my bookcase, several ancient floppy discs which were obsolete. I happened to notice one floppy that was marked, Old Police Training Reports. All the information had been recorded by payroll numbers of the Probationary Police Officer (PPO) and submitted as proper documentation as to what training had been offered by the Field Training Officer (FTI), which would be me. I spent half the afternoon reviewing these files, which had to be translated from their current format into TXT files and then placed into a Word file. It was worth every minute as I then saved them all into a folder which can now be used.

I will include my original training assessment of an incident which I have written about since, calling it “The Killer Dr. Pepper Machine”. You will note that there are numbers, denoting a specific category of training, scattered throughout the body of the documentation. These (numbers) refer to things such as knowledge of state law, proper procedures, working with fellow officers and so on. The following represents one shift’s training documentation, one that I’m sure the PPO will never forget. I have removed any reference of the officer’s payroll number; however, I did leave in the original Incident number, 56396886, which would indicate that it occurred in 1986. I’m sure with a little effort a copy of all reports could be accomplished.

Traffic stop # 659413,14. PPO observed a vehicle with white lights exposed to the rear (8). and pulled the vehicle over 1700 Wirt at 23:55 hrs. (11). PPO interviewed the driver (1,24) and issued tickets for NOL and No Insurance. Driver admitted to having 2 unpaid tickets (7). PPO verified the warrants via the dispatcher (5). PPO then cuffed and patted down the suspect prior to placing him in police car (19,20,21). PPO filled out non-tow slip to indicate that the vehicle was turned over to another driver (14). PPO then booked suspect at station 5 and called 5521 to give them the booking # so that they could send the warrants via the CRT. Warrant # 85561518,85561403 were sent and a copy was printed for the booking officer (25). PPO and FTI reviewed the procedure for booking at the sub-station. PPO stated that he understood.

Self initiated investigation Accidental Death of a Juvenile 1601 Pech at 01:47 hrs. # 56396886. FTI heard call being dispatched to unit 5f22 and had PPO volunteer to take it (3,12,13,17,25). PPO was familiar with the location (10) and drove to it in reasonable amount of time. FTI and PPO arrived to find that an attempt had been made to burglarize a soda machine but that the machine had fallen on one of the suspects causing his immediate death (6). PPO talked to HFD and determined that it was necessary to call the ME and JUV. PPO was given instruction over the phone as to how to investigate and protect the crime scene (23). FTI called for CSU and protected the scene while PPO was on the phone. PPO talked with witness/(suspect) to determine what had happened. PPO showed good judgment and command bearing while interviewing both family members and other police officers who were at the scene (1,4,24). PPO kept extensive notes so that he would be able to make a report later on. PPO and FTI had to hold back the mother of the dead juvenile when she arrived to keep her from disturbing the body (22). After the scene was secure and all the other support units had conducted their investigation PPO and FTI transported "witness" to central so that he could make his sworn statement. FTI and PPO stood at a safe distance to avoid being stuck by lightning when statement was signed (4). PPO then finished his report (14,15,16). PPO left off weather on the front of report and also that the soda machine was a damaged article. PPO then took the complete report to records so that it could be entered into the system right away (5). PPO and FTI then took witness home and completed the call (18). PPO stated he understood what was needed in homicide reports (2). PPO also looked up locations in Key Map (9).

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