Friday, November 24, 2006

Almost There

Most of the work in the dining and living rooms is completed; at least enough that we didn’t have to have our Thanksgiving on the front yard lawn. The large pieces of furniture are back where they belong with the exception of two small book cases that will remain in the garage until all the quarter round has been installed. The floor guy is supposed to come by Saturday to finish out all the little things and then buff the floor once more.

I spent some time in the garage cleaning out junk to surprise the garbage men on Monday. I can now put my car back where it belongs; a major accomplishment seeing as both my wife and I are pack rats. Once I was able to see the floor after having stored a goodly portion of the house during renovations I vacuumed the oriental rug I park the Beamer on. The fabric has quite a bit of damage, water rot and stains, too much to permit its use in the house; but makes for a classy floor mat under the Z. Roxie could care less as long as it doesn’t interfere with her catching a few Z’s.

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