Monday, November 13, 2006

Jocelyne Enjoying an Apple and Music

My granddaughter is visiting with us this afternoon, making the most of some apple slices and sitting in my favorite chair by the computer. Jocelyne likes iTunes with the never ending graphics picture show that accompany the music; can’t say as I blame her either.

The house is upside down at the moment while we are tearing out the carpet in the front two rooms prior to putting in hardwood floors, painting walls and new window coverings. With any luck it should be done (*) before Thanksgiving. ( see history of I-45 the Gulf Freeway 1960 - 2006 ) We put all the furniture around the rest of the house, a huge solid oak bookcase in the den now at the entrance to our bedroom; we moved the Lane Chest to the foot of our bed to make room for the bookcase. The computer desk and all that goes with it are in the kitchen nook along with some shelves I made for canned goods. The other book case/desk is in the den behind the love seat against the wall where the stairs lead up to the second floor. The antique desk, maple hutch and sewing cabinet are in the garage along with two more oak book cases. It’s almost as much fun as packing up for a move except we get to stay once all the remodeling work is done. That will make it worth while.

The fellow who’s putting in the flooring should be here anytime to double check our measurements so we can pay for all that fancy wood, Amendoim hardwood, that we set aside at the store. I think that’s how it’s spelled. This should help with allergies and make it easier to keep clean all at the same time.
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