Saturday, November 25, 2006

Football Pools

One of my blogging buddies, Tony Iovino of A Red Mind in a Blue State, has an interesting proposition that I thought I’d share. I got it through my email and he called it Football Pool for the Troops; but I’ll get to that in a moment, first a little history.

In the early to mid 70’s I was working as a police officer downtown on evening shift directing rush hour traffic. One of my fellow officers drove by while I was in the middle of the street; the last major intersection, Bagby at Walker, that fed onto I-45 north. I always enjoyed that particular assignment because I could make life a little better for those going home as I put my skills to the test; it was fun. It wasn’t a good time to visit so when asked to hand over a couple of dollars I reached in my pocket and gave it to him.

I figured he needed lunch money. He was good for it since we’d known each other for years; anyway, I knew where he could be found. That was on a Friday and the following Monday he came by and handed me an envelope with fifty dollars in it. It turned out he didn’t need lunch money; the two bucks was for a football pool and I’d won a small portion when the score in my box matched, go figure.

Football Pool For the Troops

Bondi & Iovino is sponsoring a Football Pool For the Troops. We hope you'll join in for some fun, and help raise some money for three worthycharities helping our troops!

WHAT- We're keeping the rules fairly simple. Here's what you do: There aretwo NFL games scheduled for Christmas Day: The Philadelphia Eagles at theDallas Cowboys, and the NY Jets at the Miami Dolphins. Guess the totalnumber of points that will be scored by all 4 teams. You don't have to pickthe winners; you don't have to guess the scores of the games. Just tell usthe total number of points you think all 4 teams will score on ChristmasDay. The winner will be the person who is closest. As a tie breaker, choose the total number of points scored in the NBAChristmas Day game between the L.A. Lakers and the Miami Heat. Email your name, contact phone number and point totals for the NFL games andthe tie-breaker to or
snail-mail to: Bondi & Iovino, Suite 120, 190 Willis Avenue, Mineola, NY11501

or fax to 516 741-8598.

COST- Here's the best part: Your entrance fee is a donation of minimum of$25 to any one of the following three charities: The USO: The USO is a private, nonprofit organization whose mission is to providemorale, welfare and recreation-type services to our men and women inuniform. The original intent of Congress - and enduring style of USOdelivery - is to represent the American people by extending a touch of hometo the military. The USO currently operates 132 centers worldwide, includingten mobile canteens located in the continental United States and overseas.Overseas centers are located in Germany, Italy, the United Arab Emirates,Japan, Qatar, Korea, Afghanistan, Guam, and Kuwait. Service members andtheir families visit USO centers more than 5.6 million times each year.

or The American Red Cross Military Members & Families fund,1082,0_321_,00.html
Today's American Red Cross is keeping pace with the changing military. Usingthe latest in computer and telecommunications technology, the Red Crosssends communications on behalf of family members who are facing emergenciesor other important events to members of the U.S. Armed Forces serving allover the world. These communications are delivered around-the-clock, 7 daysa week, 365 days a year. While providing services to 1.4 million activeduty personnel and their families, the Red Cross also reaches out to morethan 800,000 members of the National Guard and the Reserves and theirfamilies who reside in nearly every community in America. Red Cross workersin hundreds of chapters and on military installations brief departingservice members and their families regarding available support services andexplain how the Red Cross may assist them during the deployment.

or Intrepid Fallen Heroes Fund
The Intrepid Fallen Heroes Fund is constructing a world-classstate-of-the-art advanced training skills facility at Brooke Army MedicalCenter in San Antonio, Texas. The center will serve military personnel whohave been catastrophically disabled in operations in Iraq and Afghanistan.The center will also serve military personnel and veterans severely injuredin other operations and in the normal performance of their duties, combatand non-combat related. You can send your check(s)to us, made payable to the charity(s) of yourchoice, at Bondi & Iovino, Suite 120, 190 Willis Avenue, Mineola, NY 11501,or you can donate online and email a copy of the receipt to

WHEN: Please have your entries in by Friday, December 22, 2006.

PRIZES: Grand prize is dinner for two at the reknown Mark Joseph Steakhouse,261 Water Street, NY NY. Additional gift certificate prizes will be given to runner-ups. (All prizes donated by Bondi & Iovino.) Any questions: Call Tony Iovino 516-741-8585 Enter as many times as you like and feel free to pass on this message to anyone you think might be interested!

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Contact Number


Total points, both NFL games: ______

Tie breaker: Total Points, Lakers v. Heat: ____

Charity Donation: Enclosed____

Sent by email______

Will Send____

Bondi & Iovino
Suite 120190 Willis Avenue
Mineola, NY 11501516

fax 516 741-8598
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