Monday, July 23, 2007

36 Years Married to my Sweetheart

Lucy and I were married on this day 36 years ago. I’ve known her all my adult life, dating during our high school years while working at the Astrodome. I can honestly say that I knew I wanted to marry her right from the first date and have come to accept that my Father in Heaven must be one heck of a match maker to set so many events in motion whereby we would meet and make our lives one.

I got in trouble today, nothing new; I’ve spent a lifetime getting in and out of trouble. Today I dressed and then walked around the neighborhood, a full block, keeping from becoming totally bedridden and increasing my lung capacity. Lucy had some errands to run and as soon as she left I grabbed the keys to my work truck and drove down to the car dealership to put it in for service. I’d intentionally avoided taking any pain medicine so my head would be clear; wouldn’t do for a retired cop to get arrested for DUI, not in today’s media climate.

I figured as long as I was going to be side lined recovering from surgery I should take advantage of the down time and get all the little annoyances taken care of on my service truck. I had them check the front end, upper and lower control arms, replace all the shocks with original, align the front end, tighten up the transmission, a full tune up with new wires and plugs, change all the fluids and flush the radiator, top off the A/C to make it more efficient and that about covers it. It should take them a couple of days to a week; just as long as it all happens before I’m ready to get back to work. When my truck is down, so am I.

I mentioned that I’m in trouble; Lucy was steamed when she found out I drove the truck, anywhere. I had sense enough to have the folks at the dealership take me home in their courtesy shuttle. The young man recognized me since I make keys for these folks and have for years. I had him take a slight detour past my favorite florist, Flowers by Lois, where I picked out a visually pleasing table decoration for Lucy to see when she got home. I still had to listen Lucy’s tongue lashing for having taken such a risk; getting out in Houston’s traffic so soon after surgery. I can put up with her being angry; it means she still loves me, enough to remain married to me all these years.

If you look carefully there on the table at the base of the flowers is a picture of Lucy and me just married, behind there is Lucy’s high school yearbook picture along with some other family photos.

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