Friday, July 20, 2007

Gratitude Expressed

I know there were many family members and close friends praying for my quick recovery from surgery and I hope I never forget to say thanks, smile and let each know how much that means; but that’s not the purpose of writing today.

I know my Father in Heaven loves me and that prayers issued for my well being were partially answered by talented Surgeons able to find the flaws in my physical body and make the necessary repairs; but that’s not why I need to extend those thanks.

I wanted to say how much it meant to my spirit to have around the clock bedside care from RN’s, PCA’s, housekeeping staff and hospital volunteers. I had a chance to meet with folks of varied ethnic and cultural backgrounds, all there to perform certain functions and yet the manner in which treatment was rendered made being a patient almost a spiritual experience; hard to define in other terms. One of the administrative staff asked if I was being served properly and I almost broke out in tears attempting to express my gratitude for the Light of Christ which I was treated to, the Golden Rule taken to its highest levels.

Thank You to St. Luke’s Hospital and especially the finest folks, folks I never want to meet ever again, on the 16th floor post operative floor where they woke me up, drew blood, took my vital signs and told me to go back to sleep after asking if I’d made any progress passing gas or producing a bowel movement. These folks were genuine with making necessary “invasions” less threatening to my phobias, real or imagined.

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