Saturday, July 28, 2007

Getting things done

On June 28th I got to watch the Astros as Craig Biggio reached the 3000th hit plateau. On the way out of the stadium each fan was given a special memento, a poster which had been printed up in honor of Biggio’s achievement. There was a place set aside on that poster which was intended to match the shape and size of the ticket stub, a means of ratifying that you were in attendance on that day and witnessed baseball history. That poster had been sitting on top of my book shelf all this time while I took care of some medical issues.

Last night I started getting restless from having cabin fever. Lucy was busy on the computer, talking on the phone and didn’t want to be interrupted when I approached her with the idea that I wanted to go to Wal-Mart. Lucy waved me off as I mentioned where I was going, not at all hearing anything I’d said.

There’s a movie with Harrison Ford, “Clear and Present Danger”, that comes to mind. The scene I’m referring to shows an elite sniper testing area with the candidate having to maneuver his way to the target without being observed, all the while taking shots at a target. Each time the target rang out, that it had been successfully disposed of, those intent on discovering the sniper’s position attempt, with futility, to ascertain his exact location.

The head honcho finally declares the sniper’s win and congratulates him on having eluded their every attempt to locate him. When he stands up, his use of natural concealment matching perfectly with his surroundings, he is only a few feet from those who had been seeking him.

“How were you able to get so close?”

“I’m a sneaky bastard, Sir!”

So, how did I get Lucy to go along with my trip to Wal-Mart, knowing that I’m on a short leash and supposed to be resting? I think I’ve already answered that, Sir!”

The poster was easy to insert, my ticket stub held in place with sticky stuff from a glue stick, and the framed unit now hangs above my work area. I’ll have to find a new location for the Declaration of Independence which had been on that spot; priorities. I mean, you have to understand that some things are important like Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness and then there’s baseball…

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