Friday, August 15, 2008

Cyanide Death Is No Threat From Terrorism

The Houston Chronicle buried a story; must not have considered it important since it was given only a blurb on page A-12, “Canadian died of cyanide poisoning”. The Canadian just happened to be in Denver where the Democratic Convention is being held, a pound of cyanide was found in the room, not exactly what you’d expect for someone considering to “take out” only himself. The misdirection that he was from Canada might also be of interest since he actually was from Somalia and only recently became a Canadian citizen.

We can all rest easy because, according to the FBI, there’s no “apparent connection to terrorism”; well isn’t that just perfect. No need to worry folks, just your average everyday suicide.

You want to know what was on the front page of the Houston Chronicle? “Rice student called streets home”, all about a college student who wanted to fade out of view so he just took a powder; just not the same kind of powder that Saleman Abdirahman Dirie “accidentally” inhaled, touched or ingested causing his “apparent” suicide.

There was a big print headline, “Jury Vote Lands On Osteen’s Side”, earth shattering in every way as the wife of Lakewood pastor Joel Osteen exclaimed, “Thank you, Jesus!”. It’s nice to know that a minor assault which may or may not have occurred on an airplane was resolved and that the ministry will not suffer monetarily.

“Texas sun kills 2 boys here over 24 hours”, a real news event since the boys were accidentally left inside vehicles where they succumbed to excessive heat. “Time to go shopping”, we all needed to be reminded about Texas’ tax free weekend at the beginning of the school year. “Gates forecasts new Cold War”, Russia’s invasion of Georgia could chill bilateral cooperation, and no disrespect intended; but why is a huge portion of the front page being used as an obituary? “Medical Center Loses pioneer in pediatrics”, Ralph Feigin passed away; as did Salenan Abdirahman Dirie way back on page A-12.

Which of these stories has the potential to be a real newsmaker, the death of a wonderful doctor due to an illness which eventually took his life or the possibility of a terrorist bent on killing as many folks at the Democratic National Convention by exposing them to deadly cyanide? I forgot, according to the FBI, there’s no “apparent connection to terrorism”; well isn’t that just perfect. I’m so glad that was cleared up; where are the funny papers?

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