Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Retired HPD Officer DUI

That’s what the headline would be in tomorrow’s Houston Chronicle if I were to go about my normal business today. I took some medicine last night to relieve pain caused by a nerve pinch and again this morning. There’s a warning pasted on the side of the prescription bottle to avoid operating heavy machinery; that it might cause dizziness.

I didn’t think much of it, having taken it before; but for some reason it reacted differently this time. My first clue was that I felt tired, even from the moment I got up; as if I’d never been to bed. I showered to shake off the feeling of being sleepy and went out to take care of a couple of locksmith jobs.

On the way to the first location I called my friend Steve, who also has regular back pain issues, just to keep in touch. We talked for only a few moments and he asked if I’d been drinking, telling me I sounded a bit “schloshed”, if there is such a word. I don’t drink so that made me laugh; but I do take pain medicine once in a while. Maybe my bad hearing heard it wrong; in either case it fit the way my head felt and I made sure to pay extra attention to my driving until I got home.

The news media would have a field day in the event I got pulled over for DUI and as the day progressed I recognized the medicine was making me even more groggy with each passing hour; glad I decided not to drive anymore and rescheduled locksmith calls for tomorrow. I slept most of the day; waking up around three to get ready for Temple night.

My daughter came in the front door a little while ago after a day of doing math problems in her third semester of Calculus; and no, I have no idea how to help her do homework if she has a question. Anyway, I’d asked her how her day had gone; Bonnie looked at me and said, “Dad, you’re drunk, you can’t work at the Temple like that”.

I figure if it shows that easily I’d better not try to drive or even work my regular assignment at the Temple. I didn’t expect the need for a last minute replacement and had no luck going down a list of Temple volunteers. I called the Temple Coordinator and explained how it wouldn’t work, my showing up intoxicated on prescription drugs.

Much better to stay home than drive in my condition; instead, let the Chronicle talk about the Osteen trial where the flight attendant claims to have been assaulted so she can weasel a chunk of change out of them. If the jury decides in favor of the flight attendant I hope they award her one whole dollar; a just reward for attempting to use the civil courts system as a means to extort money from folks and then make the flight attendant pay the legal expenses for both sides. “Jury Lotto, step right up and see if it’s your lucky day.”

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