Thursday, August 20, 2009

Even the Kitchen Sink

I’m enjoying a blackberry smoothie for dinner; half a quart of frozen blackberries, an equal amount of orange juice and one container of Yoplait pineapple yogurt blended until the berries are crushed. I then top off the glass with tonic water, a trick I’ve learned helps keep my legs from cramping in the heat of summer.

Lucy’s been down in Galveston all week with her brother and sisters; won’t she be surprised when she gets home and notices the kitchen sink we bought during the Boy Scout fundraiser a couple of months ago has been installed. Thanks again to my friend Lawrence for donating the sink along with the installation to the Scouts so we could bid on it; looks great. I guess the next improvement will be new counter tops; something Lucy’s been wanting along with ceramic floor tile to replace the ten year old linoleum that’s started to show its age. It wouldn’t be Sunday at our house without the HGTV home improvement shows, now would it; shaking my head in defeat.

Yesterday I tore out the old tub caulking and replaced it with a new bead of anti-microbial, anti-fungal and anti-mold caulk. I probably should have vented the room after spraying down the old mildew with Clorox; oh well, it did a good job of preparing the tub surfaces and I survived. I bought some simple tools at Home Depot; one to scrape off the old caulk and the other to apply a nice even bead of new caulk, they did the trick.

I better leave some dirty clothing on the floor, some wet towels on the edge of the tub and some Ding Dong wrappers scattered next to the sofa or Lucy will think she needs to go off to the beach more often. She’ll be home tomorrow; none too soon for me.

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