Sunday, October 25, 2009

Oh Brother!

Hobo Kitties come and go as they please. In case you missed their original introduction; the Mama Kitty found an entrance to our garage and had two kittens in the dark confines. We call them all Hobo Kitties; Mama, who my oldest daughter thinks should go by Nefertiti, so elegant with long narrow legs as to bring Egyptian lineage to mind, stops by every now and then to check on Princess and Brother.

Then there are the two Cousins, born about two weeks later to a different Mama Kitty behind the garage or perhaps in the neighbor’s back yard; but most definitely of the same Tom since they look so similar to Princess. Three of them have come to accept the Giants (us) and no longer flee the moment we step out the backdoor; Princess, Brother and Cousin One. Cousin Two waits for us to go inside prior to showing herself from a hiding place among the philodendron roots next to the garage.

We’ve found they will let us make contact around feeding time, something which didn’t come naturally to them. Princess is the bold one, having almost no fear of Giants while the others wait in the garage or under the truck. They let us pet them now, almost demanding a scratching behind the ears or back of the head as they start to eat; but will not let us pick them up.

Yesterday Brother finished eating and walked over to the back door as if to say, “Hey, where’s my morning cuddle?” He stood there and let me take his picture; this snap shot was the only one where he stood still long enough, stopping from a circle dance of anticipated cuddles.

The next step will be to capture them, get them over to the Veterinarian for shots and more importantly, a “slice and dice” to limit the future Hobo Kitty population; that should be fun and expensive.

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