Friday, September 09, 2011

American Jobs Act and Raccoons

President Obama’s jobs speech wasn’t much different than rhetoric used to bilk American tax payers on stimulus packages before.  Obama said, “Let’s pass this jobs bill right away”, even though it hasn’t been written or presented to Congress as yet.  This morning I recognized the similarities to something in my back yard, an empty container of cat food.  You read right, an empty container of cat food made me think of Obama’s call to pass a piece of legislation which nobody has read; this might take some explainin’.

Our garage has become a rest haven for Hobo Kitties along with an occasional skunk, opossum and raccoon.  These critters wander around the neighborhood and spot the Hobo’s X painted on the garage door, stop in for a drink of fresh water, a free meal and a safe place to hide if the elements are threatening.  Those animals which act half way civil to each other are permitted to stay while those who become “problematic” usually leave in a black plastic body bag.

The day starts by filling three bowls of cat food intended for the Hobo Kitties which lasts most of the day.  The huge communal water bowl doubles as a bathtub for opossums and raccoons each night so it has to be cleaned and replenished each morning or it looks more like a mud wrestling pit. 

At one time we kept a pair of five gallon heavy duty plastic containers filled with dry cat food in the garage; that is until the raccoons figured out how to unscrew the lids.  We came out one morning and they’d emptied both containers and eaten every last morsel.  Ten pounds of food “vanished like a fart in the wind”; a line the Warden used from the movie Shawshank Redemption that fit the situation.   From that day on we stored the large containers in the house, not exactly a Martha Stewart moment; it’s worked for better than a year now.  Once a week we transfer from the five gallon containers to more manageable containers which are lighter and have snap on lids that allow for pouring the dry food much easier. 

Last night after pouring half rations into the bowls, half rations so the Hobo Kitties will leave them completely empty and not encourage unwanted visitors like skunks, opossums and raccoons; I set the small container down and got distracted with some chore in the back yard.  This morning I went to feed the Hobo Kitties but the container was no where to be found, at least it wasn’t in the kitchen nook where it was supposed to be.  I looked out the back window and saw the lid sitting in a planter box where our tomato garden used to be and the empty container on the other side of the back yard; the raccoons had a party and had emptied a weeks worth of food in one sitting.

Do you see a similarity between raccoons raiding Hobo Kitty food stores and spending policies of the Obama administration?  Regardless of how much is put away for the future it all gets used up if given half a chance, and the next day, when the sun comes up a cry goes out for more to end the new crisis.

Arizona Sen. Jon Kyl, the No. 2 Republican in the Senate had this to say, according to an article at the Fox News :

“Faced with the reality of historic unemployment rates and record federal debt, I had hoped that President Obama, by now, would understand that even more government spending doesn't create jobs,” he said. “Rather than offer a new roadmap for recovery and reform, he merely dusted off a tired agenda of old ideas wrapped in freshly partisan rhetoric.”

In the same article:

“The president’s so-called jobs plan is to try those very same policies again and then accuse anyone who doesn't support them this time around of being political or overtly partisan, of not doing what's needed in this moment of crisis,” Senate Republican leader Mitch McConnell said. “This isn’t a jobs plan. It’s a re-election plan.”

Obama wants to throw money away, money we don’t have, claiming it will go toward job creation; but jobs are not created by government, that part of the economy requires a growing economy based on supply and demand. 

The reason we’re in a recession is complex and won’t be solved by throwing money in the air for a few to grab up.  Folks who run businesses have good reason to be cautious as government places  mandates and restrictions on the market place.  This isn’t the time to expand or hire new employees because nobody knows which part of the free market system government will destroy or take over next. 

Don’t let Obama have another chance at raiding the treasury; it’s already been emptied.  Economic recovery, long term investments and job growth will have to wait until the raccoon has left the White House.    

This article has been cross posted to The Moral Liberal , a publication whose banner reads, “Defending The Judeo-Christian Ethic, Limited Government, & The American Constitution”.


David said...

It's been said that doing something that hasn't worked time and time again before--expecting it to work this time--is insanity, but The Zero and his partners in crime aren't insane. They want to spend the US into complete collapse.

T. F. Stern said...

David, Many Americans find it difficult to believe that a sitting president wants to see America fail; but that is exactly how the Zero plans to bring about the Change he promised, the Change from being a Constitutional Republic to a Marxist society where individual liberties are only a memory.

The probligo said...

TF, try reading this and be preapred to get really scared.

Why? Because the top 4 items are completely outside the control of anyone in the US. No matter who they might be...

T. F. Stern said...

Probligo, The issues you brought up are all valid; how about that, we actually agree on some things. The issue which doesn't show up, and won't is that Obama and the folks who are his closest advisers actually want America to fail, want the dollar to become valueless, want a total collapse of the current system which depends on the American economy. These folks are banking on the chaos which will follow to usher in the Change to a Marxist society in which all the old documents are tossed in the trash in favor of shared misery.

The probligo said...

That, TF, is where I can not agree. That statement of yours is direct from the days of McCarthy.

Too sad for words.

The point really is that it matters not who is POUSA. The real threats to USA, to the current state of this world in fact, lie beyond the powers of one man, of one nation, of one system of economics, any system of politics, even of any religion.

I fear for my grandchildren, and the future of the world we will leave them. Why? Simply because our civilisation has been hell-bent on self gratification without any regard to the future.

To make you feel better, I happen to agree that socialism is not the answer. But then the picture of the old lady begging in the main street of Apia comes back to mind. She was a widow. There was no reason for her own (birth) family to support her. There was no reason for her husband's family to support her, if they could. Just one face in a small crowd.

T. F. Stern said...

Probligo, We see things from different sides of the political spectrum and often times butt heads. In your last comment you wrote, “That, TF, is where I can not agree. That statement of yours is direct from the days of McCarthy. Too sad for words.”

In the public school system, a system dominated by the liberal left (see The Naked Capitalist by W. Cleon Skousen) the McCarthy hearings have been taught from one particular stand point, that of negativity. It might interest you to read a rather lengthy report on Global Governance, Marxism and how it was being exposed by McCarthy and others afraid that America’s Constitutional Republic was under attack and in danger. Is it any wonder the communists among us would paint McCarthy as some kind of insane monster?

Henry Lamb has been covering the political scene for much longer than either of us and has written several articles exposing the Marxists strategy and players. Here’s a link to an article he wrote prior to my knowing him:

Simply put, the use of words to cloud issues has been expertly used by progressives. They have been able to convince a vast percentage of the population that the goal of Democracy is the same in communist countries as it is in America; truly a bald faced lie that deserves at least a moment of attention. The difference is at the heart of words.

The communist philosophy holds that all rights come from government. The American Constitution and Bill of Rights specify that rights are natural (from God) and are protected from government; clearly these are not the same.

The communist agenda is designed to do away with private property and any vestige of “natural” rights; in order to maintain control over the masses all individual rights must be done away with. America’s form of government is not compatible with any form of socialism, communism, Sharia or other imposed totalitarianism. Liberty and individual rights are dependent on God’s gift of Agency, the ability an individual has to make choices in life; that my friend is the reason I will never settle for less.

The probligo said...

All of which totally ignores the (far more pertinent in my mind) remainder of my comment.

I should not have referred to McCarthy, and drawing your attention away from the matter at hand was a mistake.

My apologies.