Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Chicago Style Politics

Corruption seems to work its way into the conversation when the Obama administration gets involved; after all, it’s the Chicago way of doing things.  Fast and Furious is a bomb waiting to explode on the White House lawn depending on how far knowledge of the illegal operation went up the chain of command.  There are many who believe the operation was known all the way to the top; that Obama had given the okay to provide weapons to drug cartels.  We may never know the answer; witnesses seldom live to testify when it comes to Chicago style corruption.

Then there’s the Solyndra loan and subsequent bankruptcy which also threatens to blow up in Obama’s face.  Reputable sources have said the White House “pressured” the Energy Department to provide Solyndra a $528 million loan even though the company was already in trouble.

‘“A half a billion dollars that was not supported in January under the Bush administration was ... conditionally recommended in March,” Rep. Joe Barton, R-Texas, pointed out.”

I looked at the photograph which accompanied the lead story as it appeared on Fox News, Obama standing next to a fellow wearing the white lab coat with the Solyndra company logo in the background and had to wonder what was being explained.  “Mr. President, your cut will be safely stored away behind that stainless steel door.  Five white envelopes, each containing one million dollars in unmarked untraceable bills as you requested.”  This is pure speculation, but isn’t that the way it’s done Chicago style? 

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MK said...

I read a bit about this and from what i can see, either obama knew this was going to be a failure and didn't care OR he was just too stupid to see that it would fail and would be a gross waste of his masters money.

Either way it's not a good look for his administration. Mind you, given how much he's screwed up, this latest screw up won't come as a big shock to anyone apart from stupid, sycophantic liberals.

T. F. Stern said...

Obama isn't stupid; he'll let somebody else below him take the hit. In the mean time he'll continue to pour money down the drain to destroy our economy.