Thursday, October 06, 2005

It's Only a Game

The Astros are in the first round of playoffs battling the Braves in a best of 5 series. I found my blood pressure elevating with each pitched ball. Lucy would remind me, “It’s only a game!” as the Astros left the bases loaded and missed yet another golden opportunity to blow the game wide open early on.

In the 8th inning the Astros jumped all over Atlanta with 5 runs to give them a 10-3 lead with only 6 outs to go. I relaxed for a few moments knowing that even the fierce Atlanta Braves would be hard pressed to come up with 7 runs. Two runs came in and I could feel a slight uneasiness welling inside when two more batters reached safely. Worse than that, they had turned the lineup over and were now strutting their heavy hitters at us. The Astros had a 10-5 lead with only 2 outs left and I felt as if we were hanging on to a slim margin of a lead. Lucy was pacing her steps in a small circle in front of the television as I reminded her, “It’s only a game.” Neither of us believe that line, at least not when the Astros are involved.

Football, basketball, hockey; yes, “It’s only a game” applies to those sports. “Baseball is life” is printed on a pull over shirt I saw at the mall. Game 2 is this evening and I hope I’m up for it. I was physically exhausted and went to bed early; but, “It’s only a game.”

Bonnie bought a couple of tickets for game 3 at Minute Maid Park this Saturday. It would have been nice to go together; but, she is in California working this week.
Lucy and I will force ourselves to sit up in the nose bleed section, something I have grown to love over the years since that’s where you find the true baseball fans. I’ll have my newly purchased Astros’jersey on, my Astros’ ball cap along with my ball glove for that limited chance to catch a pop fly.

Wouldn’t it be great to have them come home two games up with a chance to clinch on Saturday? We could be watching an historic event as the Astros make a run for the pennant and a chance to take on the World Series. I keep telling myself, “It’s only a game” and that life goes on win or lose. If you believe that I have some land in West Texas I could sell you. Go Astros, Go Roger The Rocket Clemens and the Killer B”s!

Here are the Killer B’s:
Biggio, TaBeras, Bagwell, Bruntlett, Berkman, EnsBerg, Bane, Balmeiro, EBerett, AusBus, and Bizcaino.

( Just a note: The folks at Road Runner/Time Warner are scheduled to fix the LAN thingy that makes wireless internet work sometime Friday. At that time I will be back to regular blogging; reading my favorites and posting my own. )

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