Friday, October 07, 2005

You got bullet proof glass?

Mercedes Benz 500 C

It’s funny how some things catch your attention while driving down the road just minding your own business. Take today example; I happened to look off to my left at a very nice looking Mercedes 500 C all polished and sparkling to the 9’s. The fellow driving must have watched way too many reruns of the Sopranos. He was mid to late 50’s with his hair all pulled back close to the scalp ending with a neat looking pony tail hanging just above the top of his thousand dollar dark grey pin strip suit. Instead of a standard white shirt and tie he wore a dark grey or black pull over. I could tell it was expensive by the way it fit, not some cheap off the rack suit; this spoke “custom fitted” even from my limited view it was that nice looking.

I was tempted to roll my window down and motion for him to do the same, “Hey, tough guy, yea you tough guy.”

When he rolled his window down, “Hey, you talkin’ ta’ me?”, or something like that.

“Yea, tough guy. Just wonderin’; is that bullet proof glass?”

“Yea, why you askin, punk?”

“Maybe you shoulda’ kept it rolled up is all.”, as I line up the sights in my 357 and pop his butt into the next freakin’ dimension of time and space.

I gotta’ wonder, what someone who dresses like that does for a living. Nice car and an interesting get up he was wearing had me wondering what he did, other than watch a couple of hoodlum movies and spend a lot of money. I gotta’ clean my pistol and get ready for my next trip down the road; be seein’ ya’.
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