Monday, October 17, 2005

The Player of the Game is …

With two outs in the 9th and the Astros ahead on a 3 run homer by Lance Berkman the announcer put the double hex on our first bid to go to the big dance. They started talking about how there would be no more games played at the stadium up in St. Louis as it was to be demolished, started giving out the closing credits to wrap up as the last pitch was being delivered. “Our player of the game is Lance Berkman!”. The next batter was the pesky Eckstein who managed to stay alive, behind in the count with two strikes against him, he hits a seeing eye single through the left side. Edmunds followed with a walk which brings up Albert Puhols.

I’ve never been in a train wreck, a plane crash or had a grenade blow up in my stomach; at least not until I watched a Brad Lidge slider flatten out on its way through the hitting zone and was redirected into a trajectory that would take it across the tracks and out of the park. Had the roof been open it would have crossed Crawford street and made it back to St. Louis all on its own.

I just walked the dogs around the block; they say that doing something normal helps to bring about normalcy when things are going badly. I’m not sure that helps to be totally honest about the range of emotions that have been running around here. I know; the Astros are still ahead and only have to win one of two games to get to the Series, just let me alone for a few minutes while I get a handle here.

Okay, Game 6 on Wednesday in St. Louis. Why do I feel like it’s the Astros who have their backs against the wall?

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