Saturday, October 29, 2005

Saturday Morning Thougths

I noticed that I’d missed reading a couple of regulars on my blog list as they were highlighted in red, at least I think that’s what that means. Maybe it means something else and I should avoid those red ones; too late, I already visited those sites. I hope my anti-virus is working.

I had breakfast, peanut butter and jelly on toasted English muffins. I’d planned to have it on whole wheat bread except there was something growing on the edges. We only buy a small loaf with the kids being away and even then some of it goes to waste. The puppies hang around hoping for a shared piece, long strings of drool form as Roxie patiently awaits whatever portion I decide to reward her with while Puppy carefully sizes up the amounts allocated for each of them.

I’ve been on a Gershwin jag all week and have that going in the background. Al from over at Old Whig mentioned that he had a version of Rhapsody in Blue that left him flat after I’d commented that I had a disk of interest. I got to thinking, something rare as my kids would have jumped on such a lead in, I have another disk that I got off one of those clearance tables at Best Buy or some other electronic place. This was years ago and I paid a dollar or two for it just because it had Gershwin on the label. “Virtuoso Piano Music”, played by Mario-Ratko Delorko on a Point Classics Disk. (265041-2, if you want to try and find it somewhere.) This fellow played the piano like it was a machine gun, forgive my non musical terminology, bursts of notes to express the music in a way that Gershwin might have liked or even approved.

( Updated information: Check the title bar for a link to purchase Virtuoso Piano Music for only $ 2.99, if you don't like it you're not out that much )

When I was away to college, learning how to shoot pool and avoid studies, I found another treasure on a clearance table. This was an archived production of Gershwin playing his own music on an old 33 1/3 record. I eventually gave it away, not because it wasn’t any good; but because it was a perfect gift for an old musician who couldn’t believe his ears at having heard it when he was over visiting one day. That was a neat thing to do; don’t go around thinking I’m nice guy, it would ruin my reputation.

Roxie is over here trying to get some attention as I sit in my favorite chair and type. Bubba Kitty would like a piece of that too. It has taken Bubba several years to get used to Puppy, our little black rug with legs; how long will it take for Bubba to accept Roxie, maybe never. Bubba sits around corners waiting for a chance to hiss and spit ugly incantations while Roxie flinches past her. Roxie could swallow Bubba whole if she were so inclined; but somewhere in that pea brain of hers Bubba is a full size Mountain Lion who has gone without raw meat for a few days.

I started off with something about visiting blog sites and got distracted. Have you ever wondered what would happen if you locked a cat, say for example, Bubba, in a room with the movie, Home Alone, playing in a continuous loop for a few days? There’s a scene where the boy scares off the bad guys by playing a sequence from an old gangster movie.
“I’m gonna’ count to ten. One, two…” The gangster cuts loose with his Tommy Gun at the victim, never getting to three, laughing as the bullets cut him to shreds. I found a snippet that covers that thought over at
Resistance is Futile. “Take that you filthy…”

Roxie had better pay closer attention when going from room to room or those silly looking ears, her JarJar Binx ears will be shredded spindled and mutilated.

When I was growing up, a term that I have used and which does not especially match my lack of maturity, we had a similar situation. Walter was the new dog, a hound mix about half way between Beagle and whatever. Topsey was the Senior Cat, a Russian Blue with an attitude. Topsey would find ways to make life difficult for everyone, especially for Walter. Topsey would lie on her back as if asleep, her eye slits barely open and alert. Walter would notice the limp grey form of Topsey in the middle of the floor and go over to investigate, not quite sure why she would leave her defenses down. Walter would lean over quietly to sniff the gray fur, not intending any harm and not at all prepared for the trap which had been set. Topsey would then grab Walter with both paws outstretched and claws bare so that they could hold onto his ears. Walter was dead meat as Topsey would bite him on the nose and spit terrible obscenities as to his up bringing. It would only last a moment or two as Walter would go howling off into a corner to lick his wounds, all the while we all would be laughing for his having been duped once again.

We are off to Chuck E. Cheese this afternoon to celebrate JJ’s 4th birthday. That’s a great place for young kids, the younger the better. Bonnie had a birthday there once, back before she became high maintenance and started asking for steak and fancy deserts. We were all walking toward the front door for Bonnie’s party; but it was Jennifer who was bursting at the seams. She was about three or so; hard to remember it’s been so long ago. I had Jennifer in hand as we crossed the parking lot when I noticed how much she was into the party mode, singing little bursts and dancing in a Rumba step, “Chuck…E… Cheese….yea,…Chuck…. E… Cheese… oh yea!” Kids know that’s the place, kids know.

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