Saturday, June 10, 2006

A Chance of Showers

My friend Jahn had something fun on his site, something worth borrowing so more folks could enjoy it.

This is the kind of stuff that should be at the Academy Awards under "short flicks".

Edited after posting:

When I was a little kid I would go to a small shopping center at the edge of my neighborhood to the candy store located at the end of what we would now call a strip center; passing the local tavern to get there. I only mention this because after having posted this wonderful short film I noticed that there are some rather crude links off to the side which I had not paid any attention to prior to posting. I knew that, as a little boy, it was okay for me to go into the candy store and to stay out of the tavern even though they were in close proximity; I would extend that lesson to apply here as well.

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