Thursday, June 01, 2006

First Day of Hurricane Season

I never can remember the catchy little word play, “From April Showers, May Bring June Brides” or something like that. My guess is there should be a lot of soggy Brides this year. It’s been raining here since Sunday with a few breaks just so we can get out to the mailbox. I posted a picture of the most current radar image, courtesy of KPRC and their fancy machine. It looks much like yesterdays, which was a carbon copy of the day before.

We bought some inexpensive solar lights to line the walkway to our front door. They came two per box so we put three on each side, evenly positioned where they could collect the sunlight by day and highlight our home by night. I put them in on Memorial Day, right after I mowed and edged. There hasn’t been enough sun to charge up their batteries; maybe sometime in the Fall I’ll get to see what they look like when they’re on.

I got my latest copy of Keynotes in the mail; with all this down time from the rain I got to read it all in one sitting. They published another of my blog articles (linked via title bar); how about that, two months in a row.

I better get back on line; looking for a good price on a boat on eBay, one that will hold all of my family along with two of each animal and enough food to get us to the top of some mountain until the waters retreat. Those pesky Llamas are into the dog food; I better finish up.
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