Thursday, June 08, 2006

Time Outs

My grandson spent some time in the “time out” chair after he snuck into my room and devoured several pieces of candy that he knew he was not to touch. I called him over to look at the empty foil wrappers that he’d left on the floor; his eyes unwilling to meet with mine for having gone against my wishes. Fifteen minutes later he’d served his time and it was only by chance that his mother happened to call and ask what kind of day he was having. I thought it a bit unfair for him to relive the trauma by having to explain why he was sitting in the time out chair, his whole day shot to pieces twice in just a few minutes.

My daughter sent me some really neat looking pictures a while ago, a chance for me to take a “time out” from being an adult. I highly recommend that you click on the link I’ve provided in the title bar, put those tax forms or the balance sheets away or what ever it is that proves your old enough to smoke or drink or work long hours. It’s amazing what kind of an attitude adjustment can be brought about by just a few minutes in the time out chair. Do it now.

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