Tuesday, August 22, 2006

American Cultural Contributions

Rush Limbaugh mentioned a comment made by Tony Bennett on his show this afternoon, something about how sad that about the only thing America has contributed to the world was Jazz. Tony Bennett said that Europe had so much more to offer and went on to list their contributions; with any luck that portion of the program will be posted and I can go back for a direct quote. Rush had fun poking fun, claiming that we have Hollywood, responsible for the way movies are made and lowering the bar for just about everything that is associated with those folks.

I was driving down the road and two thoughts came to me that might be overlooked. The most important would be the American expression of individual liberty that distinguished us from every country on the face of the earth up until the American Revolution. The thoughts that express our core values may well be the most noble representation of what mankind can accomplish when government is limited. The writings of John Adams, George Washington, Thomas Jefferson and others with the ability to define individual rights set our country on the highest pedestal for all the world to see, to admire and; yes, to be jealous of.

The other thought that came to mind is that America is where the Book of Mormon was unearthed and translated by the Prophet, Joseph Smith. The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints is now a world wide church influencing millions. The freedoms available to permit such a remarkable work to come forth could only have occurred in a country where government was limited by the people rather than the oppressive old world governments in Europe. The fullness of the Gospel of Jesus Christ had to wait until such time as there was a country with enough freedom to permit such individual expression.

I’d mention Baseball; but that is only an extension of the Gospel and would be redundant. The principles of the Gospel explained in the Great Plan of Salvation point to one goal, that each of us be given the chance to return home to our Father in Heaven by following the commandments. Baseball exemplifies the need to follow the rules in order to cross home plate; a perfect fit.
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