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Chuck Hagel Must Have Fallen Off the Turnip Truck

I think we’ve found a poster boy for our Blind Deaf and Dumb campaign in the Middle East. I nominate Senator Chuck Hagel, (R) Nebraska, after his visionary speech demanding that President Bush call for a cease fire rather than do what is necessary. “We need a statesman of global stature” as he called for direct talks with Hezbollah's backers, Iran and Syria. ( Read the CNN website article linked via the title bar for more )

I’m only guessing that they grow turnips in Nebraska and that Chuck must have fallen off one of the delivery trucks on his way to the Senate floor. As a good Christian I would hope that his injuries, the brain cramps caused by the concussion will be treated and that he might be restored to at least minimal thinking abilities at some future date.

I found a file photo from his website which shows Senator Hagel behind a plow; I wonder, could that be a turnip patch? Any bets he’s of the opinion that we should turn our weapons into plowshares? Why is it that the pacifists always require that the Western civilizations disarm first?

Winston Churchill was castigated for his unrelenting stance against the aggression shown by Germany leading up to WWII, which opposed then Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain, a classic pacifist who honestly believed that war with Germany could be avoided “If we only continue our dialogue”, prior to the near total destruction of Europe in WWII. Were it not for Churchill’s clarity of thought and true leadership abilities we’d all be speaking German now.

A lesson in history should remind the likes of Chuck Hagel, those who are grasping for a false limb of peace at any cost, that liars are going to lie. Neville Chamberlain failed to understand that principle until after Hitler’s Third Reich had broken each and every Non-Intervention Agreement signed and took over most of Europe. Once the realization of such horrendous errors in judgment came to light his ability to lead in time of war became an insurmountable obstacle and he had to step down, at which time Winston Churchill took the lead.

The Islamofascist extremist who are Hezbollah, Alqueda, the Taliban and all the other radical Muslims have openly stated that there can only be one solution and that is the utter destruction of all Infidels. Well, speaking as one of those Infidels, I do not plan to go quietly into that good night, thank you very much. We have no choice except to stand for what we believe and that includes going to do battle, which includes bloodshed, pain, horrors that we would rather not contemplate, destruction of property and lives and even killing. That is the definition of war.

War is not a surgical procedure, though in recent history it has been attempted and failed each and every time. War is the culmination of acts which force your enemy to submit unconditionally to your terms of surrender after having totally and completely decimated his ability to inflict damage on you. This is not some random act of violence that will vanish when we get out of bed and rub our eyes. War has been declared on us and on Israel; only those too stupid or ignorant of the facts would respond as Chuck Hagel, a Senator of the United States of America, has responded. “Please, make it go away!” is not how an adult responds when threatened, much less a United States Senator; that being reserved for grammar school children when confronted by a bully. Here’s some advice to Senator Chuck Hagel, “Get a back bone”, that can be printed whereas the other advice was a little too crude for publication.

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Mover Mike has an interesting article, Sebastian Mallaby Opines!, that comes down to the same basic conclusion via a different route.

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