Friday, February 09, 2007

Legitimate State Interest

I read the hand writing on the wall, a glimpse of our future, in an AP article posted on CNN, “School wants lawsuit over gay discussions dismissed” (linked via title bar).

“Officials from a suburban Massachusetts school district asked a federal judge Wednesday to dismiss a lawsuit filed by two couples who claim their parental rights were violated when homosexuality was discussed in their children's classrooms.”

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“John Davis, an attorney for Lexington school officials, argued in court Wednesday that teaching diversity is a "legitimate state interest." He said that it would be "an administrative nightmare" for schools in Massachusetts to try to predict when the topic of gay marriage will come up and to inform parents ahead of time.”

Teaching diversity is a “legitimate state interest”; diversity is everything and nothing because it’s a lie, the idea is to teach something other than what used to be taught. Diversity is teaching children about the religion of evolution under their assertion that evolution is a provable science; but doesn’t include teaching alternative religious theories which might compete with the chosen religion of the state.. Diversity is teaching that we should respect religions of the world such as Islamism or atheism; but refuses to permit any hint of Judaism or Christianity in our schools.

It has become necessary to remove the Judeo/Christian God in order to advance the State as His replacement. Diversity is the mechanism by which deviant lifestyles such as homosexuality or same sex marriage can be shown as something other than deviant while removing moral judgment from the teaching process because it might advance Christian foundations which at one time were a part of the American philosophy, that part of our American background which might be in conflict with the godless agenda.

Teaching diversity is how the state schools implement their socialist agenda, an agenda which eventually destroys the family unit, the foundations of a free society, religion and replaces God with “the State”. Democracy is replaced with pure socialism and communism. I suppose I should be grateful that John Davis was so open about the purpose of our state run public educational system. John, keep talking, I want to hear all about it.

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Stop the ACLU is celebrating a 2nd year anniversary by holding an open trackback weekend. You might stop by and leave a comment to let them know their efforts are valued.

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loboinok of Stop the ACLU cross posted on Ogre’s Politics & Views. The article was about folks distributing Bibles on a public sidewalk who were arrested after a school principle called local police.

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