Saturday, February 24, 2007

Wall Street at Broadway

I got a call from Bonnie, my oldest daughter a while ago. She’s away on business in New York and so when she called I figured out right away what she was up to.

“Guess where I am?”

“You’re standing on the flight deck of an aircraft carrier, near the railing, and contemplating jumping into the river.”

“No; but you’re on the right track.”

“Dehere, with an "e", at the Walle, also with an “e”?”

“You got it. I’ll take a picture of the sign, Wall Street at Broadway for you.”

Bonnie knows one of my favorite movies is National Treasure, that whenever I’m flipping channels attempting to find something worth watching; that’s one movie I’ll watch over and over. She bought me a book last year, The Portable Benjamin Franklin, containing the Silence Dogood Letters, among many other interesting articles; not for those who are in love with being politically correct, quite outspoken in many areas.

Lucy bought a book for me last week, “The Declaration of Independence, A Museum in a Book”, by Rod Gragg. I opened the cover and skimmed through a few pages and found that it’s a little like a child’s pop up book, only instead of pop ups they have pasted folded translucent envelopes to many of the pages, as if aged by time and similar to those used in days gone by to hold photographs to an album. Inside each envelope could be seen the blur of a document or some item which appeared to be from antiquity, a reproduction of a pamphlet or map which could be removed for closer examination. It was a chance to become part of history, a chance to live National Treasure in the comfort of my easy chair. I’d write more; but I want to play with my new toy.

As a side note, our petty cash envelope is getting thinner day by day as we both have been stopping by the book store picking out items of interest. A friend of mine told the lady at the cash register to post a picture, perhaps from each of their driver’s licenses, near the front door. If they are seen entering the store they are to be tossed out in order to save the family budget. I may have to do the same.

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