Wednesday, February 28, 2007

A Two Chiropractor Day

I’d bet dimes to donuts that you won’t find that title anywhere. I’ve been under the weather, picked up some kind of ugly bug that settled in my chest. My voice was never going to get me booked at the Music Hall; now it’s even better. Here’s an inside joke for members of my Church, I now can do Spencer W. Kimball impersonations quite easily.

Last night I woke up coughing my lungs out and popped something in my rib cage and never could get back to sleep. Wednesday is my regularly scheduled day to visit the chiropractor so I didn’t have to schedule an appointment, just had to show up. It turns out I actually pushed a couple of ribs out of place which explained why my right side didn’t enjoy moving. She inflicted a proportional amount of pain to justify my paying and I left, quite a bit of soreness remained as I went about a few simple but very rewarding locksmith jobs before heading home to ice down as I’d been instructed.

All afternoon the pain grew until I decided to call my chiropractor and beg for some relief. It was almost 4:30 and they opened up a spot for me. The whole left side from my neck to just below the rib cage was so tender as to make the simplest movement a challenge. They led me back to the “therapy room” ( use your imagination; dungeons, torture equipment, sensory depravation ) and put the electrode things on my back, massaged and rubbed and then adjusted my back again.

I can’t remember having been to the chiropractor twice in the same day and I’ve had plenty of times when my back hurt. The best part was when it came time to settle up for the second visit; it was considered “under warranty”, a little like the warranty I put on some of my jobs, “Twenty thousand miles or one day, which ever comes first.”

In case I forgot to say it, “Thank you for being overly generous with your skills and mindful of my budget.” If your in the Houston area, here's a link for when you need a good chiropractor:


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