Thursday, September 20, 2007

Call If You Need Help

Teflonman posted a video clip from the Leno Show, a kid calling 911 for help with his math. It reminded me of a similar story that I’d shared back in December of 2005, one that my friend Richard Sutton sent to me. I posted it under the title “The Wooden Box Telephone on the Wall”; but I think it was originally called. “Information Please!” (Author Unknown)

This beats the garbage; scratch that, this beats the vein popping, anger riddled article I was about to post, another rant about how much I despise the mandatory continuing education classes that I have to take in order to obtain a renewal of my locksmith license. Each time I’m forced to take these classes my blood pressure goes off the scale and I start venting. Thanks to Teflonman for providing a means of escape.

I still have Saturday and my Ethics class, put on by the State of Texas, to deal with. A friend of mine told me via the comment section that it’s a little like McDonalds teaching a class on nutrition; that about said what needs to be said, all the same it would be a shame to waste what I wrote this afternoon.

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